MATH 101:  Calculus I

Mathematics Department, Bryn Mawr College, Fall 2008

Professor Victor Donnay

Professor: Victor Donnay

Lecture: Mon, Wed, Friday  10 – 11am

Office: Park Science Building #330

Office Hours: M, W*, F 2:30-4pm

Some weeks the Wed office hours will be revised.

Phone: 526-5352, E-mail: vdonnay

and by appointment at other times.

Quote of the day: from the New York Times on November 5th, 2008:

In discussing the very successful campaign that the Obama team ran and how the campaign started with an intense focus on Iowa:

"behind the intense focus on Iowa was Mr. Plouffe, known for his mathematic invocation of data in making decisions. "


Connections Project: Each partner should fill out and hand in a Reflection Form.

To take the End of Course Survey:  Click Here to take survey


1. The Midterm 2 Redos are graded and are in the basket on the shelf outside my office. Even if you did not take the redo, I have totaled your score on a scoresheet that is in the box.


Rough grade estimates for midterm2 (out of 145 pts).


A > 95%              137.75

A- > 90%            130.5

B+ > 85%           123.25

B > 80 %             116

B- > 75%            108.75

C+ > 70%           101.5

C > 65%              94.25

C- > 60%            87

D+ > 55%           79.75

D > 50%              72.5


2. The HW grader has been sick and was not able to grade the last HW assignment for the 1st part of the alphabet. I hope to have the un-graded papers back soon for you to pick up. I have put a complete answer key for that hw assignment in reserve in Collier Science Library.


3. Review Session: Friday Dec 12th from 2 - 3 pm in Rm. 337.

Office Hours: Monday Dec 15th : 1 - 2pm

              Wed Dec 17th: 2;30 - 3:30 pm


4. Survey: I will send you an email tomorrow about the course survey.



Homework Assignments: The homework assignments are listed here. Also, all handouts from class are posted here.  

Helpful computer demonstrations about various aspects of calculus at the web site  Tools for Enriching Calculus

New Groups starting Monday Sept 27.


Help Sessions: There will be several help sessions per week.  The sessions will be held

Sun from 8 – 10 pm

Tues from 8 – 9pm

in Rm 349 Park with our TA Bethany Azuma.


The Peer Lead Instruction (PLI)  sessions with Amy Veprauskas will be Tuesday from 9 – 10 pm in Rm. 336.

Computer Sessions: There will be Mathematica sessions in the Rm 354 (the Math Dept  Computer Lab) at the following times:

Sunday 3 – 5 pm (Amanda Bowes); 6 – 7 pm (Sasha Berenzak)

Monday 5 – 7 pm (Nikitha Ashok)

Tuesday 3 – 4 pm (Amanda), 6 – 7 pm (Sasha)

Wednesday 7 – 8 pm (nikitha)

Thursday 6 – 7 pm (Sasha)

Download a copy of Mathematica. You can do this, for free. Go to the Computer Center web page, click on Software Downloads, then on Mathematica to get to the Mathematica Download Page.

Trig Mini Course Review: 7 – 9 pm in Rm. 243.

Mon 9/22      Intro to Trig and the Unit circle

Wed 9/24     Identities used for Calculus

Mon 9/29     Graphs of Trig Functions

Wed 10/1     Trig Review


Textbook: Calculus by Stewart, 6th edition. I have put several copies of the book at the reserve desk in the Collier Science Library that you may borrow for a couple hours at a time. If you are buying a copy of the book on-line, it is very important that you get the 6th edition – otherwise the homework problems won’t match up.                                                          

Redo option of midterm: Instructions

Survey results about redo midterm1 option; comments to question 2, question 3, question 4, question 5, question 6,

Student comments about how the course as a whole is going