Weekly Quizzes



The quiz is on the basic material covered in the previous weekÕs class and homework. After you have done the quiz, then check yourself by looking at the answer key. Assess your knowledge on each question: Mastery (M), Near Mastery (NM), Tentative (T), Unsure (U). If you did not get M or NM, your encouraged to correct your mistakes, get help on any misunderstandings you have and then take the Redo Quiz. You should keep track of your scores in the attached spreadsheet .


Wk 2 (material from week 1 – Substitution): Quiz 2, Answer Key ; Quiz 2 Redo; Answer Key

Wk 3: Quiz3, AnswerKey; Quiz3 Redo, Quiz3 Redo AnswerKey

Wk 4: Quiz 4, AnswerKeyA, AnsKeyB;  Quiz 4 Redo, Answer Key.

Wk 5: Quiz 5, Quiz5AnsKey, Quiz5 Redo, Quiz5 Redo AnswerKey.

Wk 6: Quiz6, Quiz6 AnsKey, Quiz6 Redo, Quiz6 Redo AnswerKey.

Wk 7: Quiz7, Quiz7 AnsKey, Quiz7 Redo, Quiz7 Redo AnswerKey.

Wk 8: Quiz8, Quiz8 AnsKey, Quiz8 Redo, Quiz8 Redo AnswerKey.

Wk 9: Quiz 9, Quiz9 AnsKey,

Wk 10: Quiz 10, Quiz 10 AnsKey.