MATH 102:  Calculus 2

Mathematics Department, Bryn Mawr College, Spring 2009

Professor Victor Donnay

Professor: Victor Donnay

Lecture: Mon, Wed, Friday  10 – 11am

Office: Park Science Building #330

Office Hours: tba

Phone: 526-5352, E-mail: vdonnay

and by appointment at other times.


Final Week Schedule and Exam Week:

Friday May 1st: Class will be spent reviewing sequence and series material.


Monday May 4th: 10 am – noon; Review Session with Prof Donnay in Rm. 338. List of topics,  Practice Questions,


Tuesday May 5th , 7pm, Rm. 349, Review session with Bethie. Bethie has made up a review packet with answer key that she will give out at the session.


Prof Donnay will be unavailable from noon on Monday May 4th until 2:30pm on Thur May 7th.

Thur May 7th, 2:30 – 4pm. Office Hours.


After this, Prof Donnay will be available – send him an email to set up a meeting time.





Homework Assignments: The homework assignments are listed here. Also, all handouts from class are posted here.  


Helpful computer demonstrations about various aspects of calculus at the web site  Tools for Enriching Calculus


Final Projects: Information about the Final Projects. Teams for Projects. Rubric for assessing Projects.

Project Reflection sheet.
Midterm grades: roughly


A >95

A- > 90

B+ > 85

B > 80

B - > 75

C+ > 70

C > 65

C - > 60

D > 55



Help Sessions: There will be several help sessions per week with our TA Bethie Azuma.    

Thursdays and Sundays from 7:00 to 8:30  pm in Park Science Building, Room 337.



Computing in Calculus: There will be regular Mathematica assignments as part of the course. You are encouraged to go to the Mathematica TA sessions in Rm. 354 (the Math Dept  Computer Lab) to get help  (especially with the first few assignments).


Mathematica TA sessions with Math major Sasha Bereznek:  

 Mondays 7 – 9 PM

 Tuesdays 7 – 8 PM. 


You can ask her questions about Mathematica, and check your work with her.  You can also check your work during my office hours.


Our new groups as of Monday March 15.


Weekly Quizzes.


Midterm Feedback survey:

1.     What aspects of the course are working well for you?

2.     What aspects of the course are not working well for you?

3.     What could the professor change to improve your learning experience in Math 102? Do you have any concrete suggestions for how to achieve this change?

4.     What could you change to improve your learning experience in Math 102?


Some sample comments


You may download a free copy of Mathematica at the link:  Mathematica Download Page.


Textbook: Calculus by Stewart, 6th edition. I have put several copies of the book at the reserve desk in the Collier Science Library that you may borrow for a couple hours at a time. If you are buying a copy of the book on-line, it is very important that you get the 6th edition – otherwise the homework problems won’t match up.