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edit 1.The notes on the board were working very well for me, but then it stopped once we got into subjects I had never covered before. Now I feel like we zoom through the introduction too fast, so that when we turn to work with our groups, I can't help solve the problem because I have no idea what is going on. Tue, 3/17/09 8:36 AM 
edit 2.everything Mon, 3/16/09 5:28 PM 
edit 3.I like the fact that homework is due every monday...instead of every class...that's a neat way of doing homework because if we dont get some of the homework done before the next class we can get help on it on thursday and then work on it over the weekend... Mon, 3/16/09 5:23 PM 
edit 4.The weekly quizzes are really helpful because they allow me to get a better understanding of what I know and what I dont. Also I really like the homework grading system so we're not penalized for not getting 100 percent correct on it because the homework is where we are supposed to test our knowledge. Mon, 3/16/09 11:26 AM 
edit 5.I find the TA sessions to be extremely helpful in going over classwork. Mon, 3/16/09 9:09 AM 
edit 6.The willingness and availability of the professor to help students outside classrooms. Mon, 3/16/09 8:11 AM 
edit 7.homework Fri, 3/13/09 4:00 PM 
edit 8.I really like the format of the class so far, particularly the time spent during lecture hours. I feel that the time spent learning from lecture material is incredibly beneficial, but the nice combination of lecture with group work really helps reinforce the material as we learn it, without the time spent on the latter taking away too much from actual learning from lecture. I also very much like the idea of having take home exams, since I personally work a lot better on my own in the quiet of the library when doing almost anything work related, so this works really well for me and feel I do a lot better for this reason! Wed, 3/11/09 5:30 PM 
edit 9.I like that there is a lot of communication in the course and that you are very clear in your expectations. For example, I really appreciated the "Good Answer" worksheet and I think it is great that you are collecting feedback from us again with this survey. Wed, 3/11/09 2:06 AM 
edit 10.Certain aspects of the course that is working well for me are the T.A. sessions and majority of the homework. Mon, 3/9/09 6:15 PM 
edit 11.The enthusiasm of Professor Donnay and the detailed explanations work well for me Mon, 3/9/09 12:55 PM 
edit 12.the availabilty and willingness of the instructor to help students outside classroom. Sat, 3/7/09 7:48 AM 
edit 13.The group work. and the mathematica is better than it was last semester. Fri, 3/6/09 5:32 PM 
edit 14.The group projects work well and the amount of time we have to complete our homework gives me enough time to work through the assignment when I don't understand it. Thu, 3/5/09 8:09 PM 
edit 15.I like the group work. I think it's a great chance to meet with the other students as well as learn together Thu, 3/5/09 3:06 PM 
edit work understanding of professor TA clear,easy teaching of concepts Thu, 3/5/09 2:19 PM 
edit 17.The homework assignments and the Mathematica are working well for me. Thu, 3/5/09 2:08 PM 
edit 18.The easy going pace. Thu, 3/5/09 2:03 PM 
edit 19.the detailed notes and examples Thu, 3/5/09 12:27 PM 
edit 20.Everything Thu, 3/5/09 10:17 AM 
edit 21.I like how everything is written on the board. It helps me understand the concepts a lot better. I enjoy doing group work. I also like the weekly quizzes. It tells me how much I know about each concept. Thu, 3/5/09 9:11 AM 
edit 22.I think the lectures in class are helpful, and the groups and the homework. The quizzes are helpful too. Thu, 3/5/09 8:18 AM 
edit 23.I find the lectures to be very informative and helpful for completing the homework. Thu, 3/5/09 7:27 AM 
edit 24.I think Professor Donnay is completely wonderful. He does an excellent job of explaining the topics, and the notes I have for the class are superb. I feel like I don't even have to read the book. He and his TAs have lots of work sessions and office hours, which I think is really helpful, even though I don't get to take advantage of them. The group activities are very helpful. Thu, 3/5/09 7:19 AM