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edit 1.The groups are not working well for two group mates in the front dont even turn around and talk to the two of us behind... Mon, 3/16/09 5:23 PM 
edit 2.Nothing Mon, 3/16/09 11:26 AM 
edit 3.Sometimes, I feel the groupwork in class takes too much time away from the lecture. A lot of the time I get out of class knowing a new formula or concept, but not knowing how to apply it. The book is at times difficult to understand-- I can't always see how it gets from one step to another-- and so I have trouble with the homework. Mon, 3/16/09 9:09 AM 
edit 4.Sometimes the attitudes of people in groups especially by people who are familiar with the concepts that are being taught in class.I feel people need to understand that different people have different types of learning. Some learn fast while others are slow learners. People should be considerate of those that are learning the concepts for the first time. Mon, 3/16/09 8:11 AM 
edit 5.worksheets done in class Fri, 3/13/09 4:00 PM 
edit 6.There is very little that I can think of that is not working well for me in this class. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the Mathematica assignments, nor was I last semester, but I understand why we have to continue with them. Wed, 3/11/09 5:30 PM 
edit 7.I am not too enthusiastic about the group work. The problems and exercises are so easy that it is really hard for me to actually work in a group because the answers are just so obvious. I would rather work in a group on a problem that is so hard that I have no idea how to approach it myself. I am also disappointed by the quizzes and tests we have. I feel like all I have to do to get good grades is to repeat what you have shown us in class with different numbers plugged in. I don't feel like I am evaluated on my actual understanding of the material, and neither is the course pushing me to develop a higher level of understanding. Wed, 3/11/09 2:06 AM 
edit 8.During class lectures, I sometimes find it hard keeping up with the professor talking and writing down the notes at the same time. It sometimes a little to fast to me to handle and take down at one shot. Mon, 3/9/09 6:15 PM 
edit 9.There is too much homework per week, so sometimes it get difficult to cope with Mon, 3/9/09 12:55 PM 
edit 10.the group assignments.Working in groups is a good thing but most people in class are familiar with the concepts being taught in class and are sometimes inconsiderate to people who are learning for the first time. Sat, 3/7/09 7:48 AM 
edit seems as if we move very quickly through the topics this semester. last semester we spent more time on each topic and so the material was less overwhelming. Fri, 3/6/09 5:32 PM 
edit 12.I often don't test well and I feel like the test may not be a good measure of my understanding of the material. Thu, 3/5/09 8:09 PM 
edit 13.everything is pretty great Thu, 3/5/09 3:06 PM 
edit 14.- Thu, 3/5/09 2:19 PM 
edit 15.N/A Thu, 3/5/09 2:08 PM 
edit 16.Sometimes too much group work. Thu, 3/5/09 2:03 PM 
edit 17.the group work Thu, 3/5/09 12:27 PM 
edit 18.Nothing so far hasn't worked out for me. Thu, 3/5/09 10:17 AM 
edit 19.None Thu, 3/5/09 9:11 AM 
edit 20.Nothing really. Thu, 3/5/09 8:18 AM 
edit 21.Due to time conflicts I cannot attend either of the TA sessions, something which has placed me at a disadvantage. Thu, 3/5/09 7:27 AM 
edit 22.I can't make it to most of the work sessions or TA sessions, but that's really my own fault. I have a very full schedule. Thu, 3/5/09 7:19 AM