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edit 1.have more group sessions outside class Mon, 3/16/09 5:28 PM 
edit 2.I think if you gave everybody a chance to make their own group things could be a lot better...because people would choose their friends to be groupmates and that way nobody will be left out of the conversation Mon, 3/16/09 5:23 PM 
edit 3.Maybe if the professor could spend more time guiding us through problems more similar to those on the homework. Mon, 3/16/09 9:09 AM 
edit 4.more examples in class Fri, 3/13/09 4:00 PM 
edit 5.I honestly do not have any specific suggestions for how the professor could improve the overall course structure. I really appreciate the large number of office hours held every week and knowing that I can freely ask questions outside of class, and there is very little I can highlight for improvement. Wed, 3/11/09 5:30 PM 
edit 6.I would love to do more theory. Playing with Mathematica is fun at times, but what I enjoyed most in my calculus class in high school were the pseudo-proofs we did. For example, our math teacher explained to us how one would go about proving the Intermediate and Extreme Value Theorems. Obviously we could not verify every single detail, but I enjoyed the theoretical aspects of the course a lot more than the computational exercises. I really really really miss the theoretical aspect of math... Wed, 3/11/09 2:06 AM 
edit 7.The professor overall is doing a great job, not only in class but also outside of class. Mon, 3/9/09 6:15 PM 
edit 8.I think groups should work on harder problems rather than the basic ones Mon, 3/9/09 12:55 PM 
edit 9.the quizzes are a great idea but i would like it if people would work with a friend the problems on that have been assigned Sat, 3/7/09 7:48 AM 
edit 10.I think the course is cool already. Fri, 3/6/09 5:32 PM 
edit 11.It would be helpful if the professor taught the material according to problems that are similar to the ones assigned for homework. Thu, 3/5/09 8:09 PM 
edit 12.i wish we did some more examples during class like the ones we would see in the homework Thu, 3/5/09 3:06 PM 
edit Thu, 3/5/09 2:19 PM 
edit 14.It would be nice if we could re-do mid-terms to improve our grade. Thu, 3/5/09 2:08 PM 
edit 15.So far so good. Thu, 3/5/09 2:03 PM 
edit 16.more real life examples, even though some are already offered Thu, 3/5/09 12:27 PM 
edit 17.I think the assigned group thing is a bit weird becuase i know that everybody in my group doesn't discuss. The two people in the front row dont discuss stuff with people at the back row and i just kind of have to talk to my neigbor to ask the answer. I think this can be made right if we were given the choice to sit in the groups we make ourselves...that way because it will be all friends...everybody will want to discuss answers with each other because of the comfort zone. Thu, 3/5/09 10:17 AM 
edit 18.None Thu, 3/5/09 9:11 AM 
edit 19.I don't think he needs to change anything. Thu, 3/5/09 8:18 AM 
edit 20.At the moment, I cannot think of anything. Thu, 3/5/09 7:27 AM 
edit 21.I don't have any suggestions, I think he's doing a great job. Thu, 3/5/09 7:19 AM