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edit 1.Go to office hours. I already go to the TA session every Sunday night but I guess I need more than just that. Tue, 3/17/09 8:36 AM 
edit 2.- Mon, 3/16/09 5:28 PM 
edit 3.I could make use of the office hours or TA sessions more. Mon, 3/16/09 11:26 AM 
edit 4.Take more advantage of the TA sessions and the professors office hours!! Mon, 3/16/09 9:09 AM 
edit 5.I need to attend more TA sessions and work with class mates more often Mon, 3/16/09 8:11 AM 
edit 6.spend more time studying each night Fri, 3/13/09 4:00 PM 
edit 7.Although I do dedicate a lot of time studying, completing homework assignments, and attending all lectures, I can always try a little harder to put in more time on a regular basis to review lecture notes and such. While it has been a little challenging for me to to attend the TA sessions this semester due to other commitments and time conflicts with other PLI sessions, I could definitely try to make a greater effort to attend, at least part of these sessions, to improve my learning experience. The couple times I have been, I always felt it was a little unfortunate that this tool doesn't seem to be utilized by too many people. Wed, 3/11/09 5:30 PM 
edit 8.I think it is time for me to become more independent. Instead of complaining about how easy this class is and how much I miss theory, I should read up on theory on my own and find ways to challenge myself. If you have a suggestion for a good calculus textbook that takes a more theoretical approach, please share it with me! Wed, 3/11/09 2:06 AM 
edit 9.More practice problems. Mon, 3/9/09 6:15 PM 
edit 10.i need to practice more. Sat, 3/7/09 7:48 AM 
edit 11.n/a Fri, 3/6/09 5:32 PM 
edit 12.nothing Thu, 3/5/09 2:19 PM 
edit 13.A change in groups in class. Thu, 3/5/09 2:08 PM 
edit 14.Pay more attention. Thu, 3/5/09 2:03 PM 
edit 15.less group work Thu, 3/5/09 12:27 PM 
edit 16.Nothing i guess Thu, 3/5/09 10:17 AM 
edit 17.I could do my homework more carefully. Study a bit every night instead of till the last minute. Thu, 3/5/09 9:11 AM 
edit 18.Right now I think I'm maximizing my learning experience with the routine I've already developed which is to go to class and do the homework. Thu, 3/5/09 8:18 AM 
edit 19.Besides to be less busy, which is unchangable, I cannot think of anything. Thu, 3/5/09 7:27 AM 
edit 20.I could try to go to more help sessions. Thu, 3/5/09 7:19 AM