I really like the format of the class so far, particularly the time spent during lecture hours. I feel that the time spent learning from lecture material is incredibly beneficial, but the nice combination of lecture with group work really helps reinforce the material as we learn it, without the time spent on the latter taking away too much from actual learning from lecture.


The notes on the board were working very well for me, but then it stopped once we got into subjects I had never covered before. Now I feel like we zoom through the introduction too fast, so that when we turn to work with our groups, I can't help solve the problem because I have no idea what is going on.


I am not too enthusiastic about the group work. The problems and exercises are so easy that it is really hard for me to actually work in a group because the answers are just so obvious. I would rather work in a group on a problem that is so hard that I have no idea how to approach it myself.


The groups are not working well for me...my two group mates in the front dont even turn around and talk to the two of us behind...


Sometimes the attitudes of people in groups especially by people who are familiar with the concepts that are being taught in class.I feel people need to understand that different people have different types of learning. Some learn fast while others are slow learners. People should be considerate of those that are learning the concepts for the first time.



the quizzes are a great idea but i would like it if people would work with a friend the on problems  that have been assigned


Due to time conflicts I cannot attend either of the TA sessions, something which has placed me at a disadvantage.

Take more advantage of the TA sessions and the professors office hours!!

The couple times I have been, I always felt it was a little unfortunate that this tool doesn't seem to be utilized by too many people.


I think it is time for me to become more independent. Instead of complaining about how easy this class is and how much I miss theory, I should read up on theory on my own and find ways to challenge myself. If you have a suggestion for a good calculus textbook that takes a more theoretical approach, please share it with me!