Math 501: Graduate Real Analysis

Fall 2008


Required Text: H. L. Royden, Real Analysis


Reserve Readings:

* indicates books I have used and can recommend.


Advanced Calculus:

*R. Creighton Buck,  Advanced Calculus (BMC).

*Angus E. Taylor, Advanced Calculus (not in library system).


Undergraduate Real Analysis

Bartle,                   The elements of real analysis, 1976, BMC

*Bartle-Sherbert, Introduction to Real Analysis, 2000 BMC;

T. Garrity , All the mathematics you missed : but need to know for graduate school. 

*R. Goldberg, Methods of Real Analysis, BMC 1976

S. Krantz, Real analysis and foundations

*F. Morgan, Real Analysis

C. Pugh, Real mathematical analysis 

*M. Reed, Fundamental Ideas of Real Analysis 

*Ross, Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus   

*Rudin, Principles of Mathematical Analysis


Graduate Real Analysis (Measure, Lebesque Integration):

Bartle, The Elements of integration and Lebesgue measure

G. Folland, Real analysis: modern techniques and their applications

*Hamos, Measure Theory

A. N. Kolmogorov and S. V. Fomin , Introductory real analysis

J. Oxtoby, Measure and category

*W. Rudin, Real and Complex Analysis, 1987.

Elias M. Stein & Rami Shakarchi, Real analysis : measure theory, integration, and Hilbert space.

A.Torchinsky, Real variables, 1988 BMC.

*Wheeden-Zygmund, Measure and Integral,