Spring 2008 Victor Donnay        
Week Topic Discussion Reading Field Placement Assignments Other Assignments
Wk 1: 1/23/2008 How People Learn: 3 Key Principles 1) What was good/bad learning experience How People Learn Ch 1, How Sudents Learn: Ch 1 due 1/30 N. Andersen: paperwork for placements Write a 2-3 page paper describing your good learning experience. Make linkages to the 3 key principles of HPL.
    2) Types of teaching strategeies Watson & Konicek: Hot Hats   Take the Myers-Brigs web test:
Wk 2: 1/30/2008 Neuroscience and Learning, Paul Grobstein 1. Personality types and learning styles. Formative Assessment Reading Placement information fromN. Andersen Revise good learning expereince paper; make additional connections to class material.
    2. Discussion of Hot - Hats; misconceptions. Examine a report/study.   Prepare presentation for class
Wk 3: 2/6/2008 Why the need for reform? The present climate. Student presentations. Formative Assessment techniques Math and Democracy; Science for all Americans; PISA standards in some detail Start placement: Write 2-3 paper describing your placement setting . Find PSSA results for your placement; demographics of your district/school. present at next class.  
Wk 4: 2/13/08 Math and Science for all; student led discussion Presentations on PSSA results for your placement. Levels of cognitive demand - case book; Blooms taxonomy; PISA standards; release questions   Find examples of tasks in your placement; describe their cognitive level. One example of teaching technique linked to task. Take Force Concept Inventory test; Look at release questions from PISA.
Wk 5: 2/20/2008 Innovative High School Science Curriculum: Modeling Physics, Dr. Doug Vallette Misconceptions Misconceptions; teaching techniques, pre-post testing. Having of wonderful ideas; the virtue of not knowing. Marzano; Classroom Instruction that works: Ch.1, Ch. 7. In preparation for K. Butler visit. Find examples of misconnceptions in your placement. Misconceptions: ask one of your profs for some examples;
Wk 6: 2/27/08 Innovative College Science: POGIL Dr. Kelly Butler, ex. Of learning cycles   Formative Assessment reading; Marzano Ch 4 Discuss curriculum being used in your placement and its features.  
Wk 7: 3/5 Innovative Math Teaching: Formative Assessment techniques spring break Give examples of teaching techniques from your placement.  
Wk 8: 3/19 Issues of Diversity in Math/Science Education. Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, President UMBC.   Schools have spring break Knowing and Teaching: Liping Ma. Unit/module analysis (longer paper)  
Wk 9: 3/26 Teacher's Knowledge and associated challenges. Pedagogical content knowledge   Unit/module analysis  
Wk 10: 4/2/08 Student presentations about their curriculum and unit.        
Wk 11: 4/9/2008 External Challenges: Administrative support, parental role, school board, political climate.     Teacher interview  
Wk 12: 4/9/2008 Supporting Change: Karen Stephenson, Social Network Theory        
Wk 13: 4/23/08 ? Service Learning/Project Based Learning; Studies of effectiveness?        
Wk 14: 4/30/08 Teacher Panel:        
Exam Period: Date to be determined Student Final Presentations