MATH 302: Real Analysis II

Mathematics Department, Bryn Mawr College, Spring 2008

Professor: Victor Donnay

Lecture: Mon, Wed, Fri  11- 12

Office: Park Science Building #330


Phone: 526-5352, E-mail: vdonnay

Office Hours:

Mon 2-3pm, Wed 9-10:30, Fri 9-10:30

Help Sessions: Sherry Teti ( will be the TA for the course and will run several help sessions per week:

Mondays 3 pm to 5 pm  in Park 337

Tuesdays 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in Park 349

 Thursdays 1 pm to 2 pm in Park 349

Groups as of Feb 20, 2008.


Homework Assignments: There will be homework due at the start of each class. 

Course "Play-by-Play". Brief outline of what is covered during each class.


Mid-term: There will be a closed book portion and an open book portion. The closed book part will involve stating definitions and stating the basic theorems of the course (2 hour time limit but should take much less). The open book portion will include Mathematica problems. (Note: if you get stuck with Mathematica not running; you may come ask Prof. Donnay for help. However you should know the commands and how to use the program in the ways we have used it in class).

The open book portion will be a combination of calculation problems and theory problems.

The exam will be available Friday at 2pm in the box outside my office. Once you open the exam, you may not come for help or discuss the material with anyone. Until you open the exam, you are free to get as much help from classmates, our TA Sherry or Prof Donnay as you like. Once you open the exam, you will have 72   hours to work on the test. 


Here are the official rules for the midterm. The exam is due back by 3pm on Friday March 7th.

Here is our mid-term exam review guide.

For Friday’s review session: 10 am – noon in Rm. 336.

-   Write out your definitions. We will do a peer review session on that.

-   Make up one question that you think will be similar to what might be on the exam as well as the answer key for that problem. We will make a copy and put these on reserve in the library.

-   Bring a list of questions/problems you would like us to go over during the review session.