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Rhonda Hughes

Teaching:  Fall ‘08

Math 231, Discrete Mathematics (with Dianna Xu)
MWF 12-1, Room 338 PSB
Course website:

Math 102, Calculus II
MWF 2-3, Room 338 PSB
Course Syllabus


Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Ill-Posed Partial Differential Equations

Recent Publications:

1.   (with Beth Campbell Hetrick) Continuous Dependence on Modeling for Nonlinear Ill-Posed ProblemsJournal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, to appear.

2.  (with Beth Campbell Hetrick) Continuous Dependence Results for Inhomogeneous Ill-Posed Problems in Banach Space, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 331 (2007), 342-357.

3.  (with Karen Ames) Structural Stability for Ill-Posed Problems in Banach Space, Semigroup Forum 70 (2005), 127-145.

4.  (with Walter Huddell)  Smooth Approximation of Finitely-many Relativistic Point Interactions, Special Issue on Point Interactions, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 38 (2005), 4803-4810.

5.  (with Walter Huddell) Smooth Approximation of Singular Perturbations, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 282 (2003), 512-530.

6.  Math in the ICU, Math Horizons, November, 2003, 13-15.

7.  (with Karen Ames) Continuous Dependence Results for Ill-Posed Problems, Semigroups of Operators: Theory and Applications, Second International Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2001, Optimization Software, Inc., Publications, New York-Los Angeles, 2002, 1-8.

8.  (with Sylvia Bozeman) Improving the Graduate School Experience for Women in Mathematics: The EDGE Program, Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering 10 (2004), 243-253.

9.  (with Sylvia Bozeman and Ami Radunskaya) The EDGE Program: Adding Value Through Diversity, Building Diversity in Advanced Mathematics: Models that Work, Patricia Hale and Abbe Herzig, eds., to appear.

The EDGE Program  (Co-Director, with Sylvia Bozeman,Spelman College):

MSRI Conference (Co-Organizer with Sylvia Bozeman, Duane Cooper, and AbbeHerzig):  “Promoting Diversity at the Graduate Level in Mathematics: A National Forum” October 14-17, 2008