MATH 201: Multivariable Calculus

Mathematics Department, Bryn Mawr College, Fall 2003

Section 1, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-11, Park 349

Professor Lisa Traynor  
Office: Park 329 
Office Hours:  M, W, F 11-12
Phone: 610 526-7460    
& by appointment


Welcome to Calculus III!   This course focuses on Vectors and the Geometry of Space, Partial Derivatives, Vector Functions, Multiple Integrals, and Vector Calculus.  The text for the course is Calculus, 4 rd Edition by James Stewart.  This is the same text that was used for Calculus 1 and 2 at Bryn Mawr last year.

I hope that during this course, each of you will

        There will be two midterm exams, a project, and a final exam.   The midterm and final exams will be self-scheduled. Weekly homework sets will be collected on Wednesdays and graded. You are encouraged to work together on the homework, but you should write up your own solutions.  You are allowed two late homeworks; these late homeworks must be turned in no more than one week after the due date.  

        The atmosphere of this class depends heavily on your participation and thus class attendance is essential!  Please call me or e-mail me if you are not able to attend class.

      Your final grade will be determined using the following percentages:

First Exam (Self-scheduled October 8-10)

25 %

Second Exam (Self-scheduled November 24-26)

25 %

Final Exam (Self-scheduled)

30 %

Homework + Project

17 %

Class Attendance and Participation

  3 %

Exams may not be taken late without advance permission.  Extensions are usually granted ONLY for family emergencies, infirmary or hospital stays, or similar major crises.

Students who think they may need accommodations in this course because of the impact of a disability are encouraged to meet with me privately early in the semester.­ Students should also contact Stephanie Bell, Coordinator of Accessibility Services, at 610-526-7351 in Canwyll House, as soon as possible, to verify their eligibility for reasonable accommodations.­ Early contact will help to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and delays.