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Rebecca Vandiver


Fall 2009: Math Modeling (Math 308) (on Blackboard)
Spring 2010: Differential Equations w/ Applications (Math 210)

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Elastic cavitation, tube hollowing, and differential growth in plants and biological tissues, with A. Goriely and D. E. Moulton, Europhysics Letters (accepted for publication).

On the mechanical stability of growing arteries, with A. Goriely, IM A Journal of Applied Mathematics (accepted for publication).

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Tissue tension and axial differential growth of cylindrical structures in plants and elastic tissues, with A. Goriely, Europhysics Letters (2008) 84, 58004.

Nonlinear Euler buckling, with A. Goriely, M. Destrade. Proceedings of the Royal Sociaty A (2008) 464, 3003-3019.

Morpho-elastodynamics: the long-time dynamics of elastic growth, with A. Goriely, Journal of Biological Dynamics, (2008) 3, 180-195.

Elastic growth models, with A. Goriely, M. Robertson-Tessi, M. Tabor. In R. Mondaini and P. M. Pardalos, editors, Mathematical Modeling of Biosystems, volume 12 of Applied Optimization. Springer, 2008.

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