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Honors in Mathematics

A degree with honors in mathematics will be awarded by the department to students who have achieved excellence in the work of the major and also meet the following further requirements:

  • at least two additional semesters of work at the 300 level or above (this includes Supervised Work 403).
  • completion of a meritorious project consisting of a written honors thesis, which may be an expository paper or some original research, and an oral presentation of the thesis.
  • a major grade point average of at least 3.6, calculated at the end of the senior year.

An honors project normally requires two semesters of independent study with a faculty member. A student interested in pursuing honors should approach faculty members at the end of her junior year to determine the availability of a project of mutual interest. The written thesis must be completed by the last day of classes in the spring semester, and preferably a week before the oral presentation is given. The formal decision on honors is determined by a vote of the math faculty after the oral presentation and after the final version of the written thesis has been submitted.