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Department of Mathematics
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Major Requirements

The major requires six core courses, and four electives at or above the 200-level.

Core Requirements

  • Multivariable Calculus (201)
  • Linear Algebra (203; H215)
  • Real Analysis I (301; H317)
  • Abstract Algebra I (303; H333)
  • Real Analysis II (302; H318) or Abstract Algebra II (304; H334)
  • Senior Conference (398 or 399)

With the exception of Senior Conference, equivalent courses at Haverford or elsewhere may be substituted for Bryn Mawr courses with approval of the major adviser. In consultation with a major adviser, a student may also petition the department to accept courses in fields outside of mathematics as electives if these courses have serious mathematical content appropriate to the student's program.

Students considering the possibility of graduate study in mathematics or related fields are urged to go well beyond the minimum requirements of the major. In such cases, a suitable program of study should be designed with the advice of a major adviser.

Math majors are encouraged to complete their core requirements other than Senior Conference by the end of their junior year. Senior Conference must be taken during the senior year.