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Class of 2007 Fellows


Shafiqah Berry Shafiqah Berry ’07 is an English major and her mentor is Associate Professor of English Linda-Susan Beard. Shafiqah’s research focuses on recovering and examining the poetry of the women of the Harlem Renaissance, specifically on the work of Gwendolyn Bennett, Mae V. Cowdery, and Effie Lee Newsome. She spent last summer gathering published and unpublished materials from collections at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem and at Howard University. This year, she will travel to collections at Yale University and Howard to complete her research and write her senior thesis.


Rachel Francois Rachel Francois ’07 is a major in Sociology with strong interests in Education. Her two mentors are Professor of Sociology David Karen and Lecturer in Education Jody Cohen. Rachel is studying self-perception among African American students who choose to attend racially homogenous schools, especially those offering an Afrocentric curriculum. She will later compare this sample to African American students in racially mixed schools. During the summer of 2006, Rachel participated in the MMUF Summer Research Training Program at the University of Chicago. There, she worked with faculty and graduate student mentors who directed her to valuable resources that have facilitated the work on her senior project this year.

Wisambi LounduWisambi Loundu ’07, majoring in French, is working with Assistant Professor of French Pim Higginson. She spent last spring and summer in Senegal where she continued her research on Francophone West African films. She is currently exploring the role and representation of women in narrative films, documentaries and contemporary films on post-colonial conflicts. This year, she is working on her senior project, examining both the aesthetics and production/economics dimension of these films.



Sarah Mackin ‘07 is a Sociology major with particular interests in the sociology of health and the history of activism in Latin American. She is working with Assistant Professor of Sociology Nathan Wright. She spent last spring semester in Chile researching the conflicts between the Chilean government and traditional indigenous Mapuche population. She continued her work this summer interviewing participants in activist movements involved in promoting Mapuche rights. She is currently beginning her senior project on this topic.

Edisa RodriguezEdisa Rodríguez ‘07 is a double major in Sociology and Mathematics. Her mentor is Assistant Professor of Sociology Nathan Wright. She is exploring attitudes toward gays and lesbians in the Latino community through extensive interviews and case studies. Edisa spent last spring semester and part of the summer in Spain where, in addition to her course work, she was able to conduct interviews and work with non-profit activist groups in Madrid. She was an education volunteer at an organization called COGAM – el Colectivo de lesbianas, gays, transexuales y bisexuales de Madrid. This year, she plans to continue interviews in Latino communities and complete her senior project offering a comparative study of societal attitudes toward homosexuality.