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Online Resources

The Near East Collection at Yale University a link to selected Internet resources.

Al-Musharaka, an initiative to develop online curricular offerings and inter-institutional collaboration for teaching Arab, Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, was developed by the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education ( NITLE). A multifaceted initiative to help its constituent colleges build curricular resources in these areas. Its Arab Culture and Civilization website, an extensive set of online multimedia course materials on the language and cultures of the Arab world, is open to students and faculty of the liberal arts colleges served by NITLE, and to the public at large.

Arts and Letters Daily links to newspapers, books, magazines, blogs and columns.

BBC Middle East Page, listings and links to news items about the Middle East. The website also has country profiles, many of which have links to local newspapers, radio programs, and other resources.

New Tork Times Middle East Page, listings and links to news items about the Middle East. The website also has a pull down menu providing links to country profiles from the newspaper's almanac.

National Public Radio's Middle East coverage.

The website links to international newspapers.

The website of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia links to Israeli and other international newspapers, to think tanks and lobby groups, from the perspective of advocacy for Israel.

The Middle East Studies Association's website provides links to a very wide array of resources (including study abroad programs, research organizations, journals and publications, online language study, an online newsletter.

The Dialogue Project: Culture and Democracy in the Muslim World, created by Azar Nafisi,is "a multi-year initiative designed to promote-- in a primarily cultural context-- the development of democracy and human rights in the Muslim world. In doing so, the Dialogue Project also hopes to educate those in non-Muslim communities-- whether they be policy makers, scholars, development professionals, members of the media, or ordinary citizens-- in the complexities and contradictions that govern both Western relationships with and life in many predominantly Muslim societies around the world.

Al-Ahram's Weekly On-Line publication, an independent English-language newspaper issued by Al-Ahram Organisation. As described by its editor Hosny Guindy: "Since it first hit the newsstands on Thursday 28 February, 1991, it has rapidly established itself as the leading English-language newspaper, not only in Egypt, but also ... throughout the Arab world ... From the start, Al-Ahram Weekly set out to provide the English-language reader with objective, in-depth coverage of the Egyptian and Arab scenes: politics, economy, culture and society. The challenge we set ourselves was to do this from 'an Egyptian perspective'. As we hope our readers will have realised over the past years, this has never meant whitewashing or propaganda, but rather providing as honest and objective a look at contemporary Egyptian and Arab reality as possible -- as seen through Egyptian and Arab eyes. . . . Al-Ahram Weekly has also sought to provide, through guest columns and in its opinion pages, an open platform for the free expression of a wide range of different views and analyses . . . no other English-language newspaper from the Arab world provides as comprehensive and wide-ranging a picture of the manifold ideological, political and cultural currents which characterise the region today."

On Teaching Arabic, Mahmoud Al-Baral, "Facing the Crisis: Teaching and learning Arabic in the United States ...," ADFL Bulletin, Winter-Spring 2006 [-2007]