The Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute promotes innovative and effective leadership in the nonprofit sector. Our goal is to help create and maintain vibrant and productive nonprofit organizations that invest their values, passion, and talents in developing stronger communities.

The support of our generous donors makes a great difference in the ability of our Fellows to attend our programs. Nonprofits are struggling with the choice of whether to protect funds for direct service or invest in leadership development. You can help an aspiring leader by making a gift to our NELI Fellows Scholarship Fund. The full amount of your gift will be used to fund scholarships for Fellows in our programs.

When you click here, GIVE TO NELI, you will be connected to the Bryn Mawr College's secure online donation page. You will be asked to: 

1. Enter your personal information.

2. Enter your gift/pledge information.

In the middle of the page, you will be asked to designate your gift. On the line that says: "Designate my gift to", please enter NELI in the "specify a designation" field.

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4. Submit your gift.
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