The Ascending Leadership Certificate Student

"NELI's faculty are subject matter experts who are definitely in the trenches. They engaged us in real world scenarios. Their activities forced us to think critically about things outside of our normal perspective.

Our work together was very interactive. I went into our cohort with the intention of soaking up as much as I could. I still refer back to the documents we were given. It's like a bible to me. Management saw value in what I've done. I don't think my promotion would have happened as quickly as it did, if it weren't for my experience in NELI."

Jill Quiles, Senior Director of Finance, Episcopal Community Services

Program Description:

The Ascending Leadership Certificate is designed to prepare middle managers for the great leap in mindset that must occur when they move from managing a department to leading an organization.This training program is focused on analyzing organizational systems and business functions.

Workshops target the organization’s culture, its strategic planning processes, its internal leadership development, its financial and fundraising systems, the strength of its infrastructure, and its organizational accountability.  Ascending Leaders will also learn steps for effective career planning.

Have any Questions?

If you have questions about our program or our application process, please contact Margie DuBrow, Director, at or 610-520-2650.