Our Curriculum:

What do rising leaders need to know in order to move up?

In “Ready To Lead – Next Generation Leaders Speak Out,” hundreds of Gen X and Gen Y nonprofit leaders named four important goals. They wanted to develop their leadership capabilities and confidence, and strengthen their abilities to lead, supervise, and manage staff. They knew they needed to strengthen their technical and management skills. They also wanted to expand their networks.

We agree! We think the career step from middle management to senior management is a critical one. New senior managers often find themselves struggling through “on-the-job” training, while trying to survive in very fast-paced and demanding environments.

Through our Ascending Leadership Certificate Program, rising leaders will:

  • Learn "best practices" in managing organizational systems and business functions.
  • Gain an understanding of how performance expectations and requirements change when “moving up.”
  • Explore techniques for working effectively in interdisciplinary teams at the executive level.
  • Examine how the health of one system affects other systems and the organization as a while.
  • Learn to leverage opportunities both within and outside the organization to prepare for an executive level position.
  • Identify goals for career development and the steps needed to achieve them.
  • Strengthen and broaden their professional networks.