2015 Course Schedule          

                                                   Session I: January 30th and 31st

                                                 (Snow Dates : February 6th and 7th)

Seminar Trainer
Individual Leadership Styles and Team Development Judith Kasputin Katz, E.d.D.
Strategic Thinking Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.
Connecting With Your Learning Communities Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.

                                                     Session II: February 27th and 28th

                                                     (Snow Dates: March 6th and 7th)

Seminar Trainer
Board Governance and Development Anne Schmieg, M.S., M.B.A.
Leading Systemic Change Margie DuBrow , Ph.D.
Financial Management Linshuang Lu, B.S. Praxis Consulting
Session III: March 13th OR 14th
Executive Coaching (half day) Executive Coaches

                                           Session IV: April 10th and 11th
                                             (Weather Date: April 18th)

Seminar Trainer
Group and Organizational Dynamics Karen Proudford, Ph.D. and
Nancie Zane, Ph.D.

Effective Marketing (Half day)

Gail Bower, Bower and Company

                                                          Session V: May 8th and 9th

                                                           (Weather Date: May 15th)

Seminar Trainer
Public Speaking

Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.

Political Savvy: Leveraging Leadership Karhleen Morris, M.S.
Managing Diversity and Inclusion

Frederick Bryant, Ph.D.

                                                         Session VI: June 12th and 13th
Seminar Trainer
Legal and Ethical Issues For Leaders

Don Kramer, Esq.

Growing Your Leadership Pipeline

Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.

"I wanted to enroll
in the NELI program to identify ways to inspire others and implement tangible ways for others to engage in Gearing Up."

"Now I not only have the tools to increase self-awareness, I also have the tools to identify personality traits in others – and leverage their strengths and insights for the organization. "

Kristin Gavin
Executive Director
Gearing Up