2016 Course Schedule   

                            Note: All workshop days run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

                                 Session I:  April 29th and 30th

Seminar Faculty
Individual Leadership Styles and
Impact on Team Development

Ray Wells, Ph.D.

Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.

Leading Systemic Change Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.
Connecting With Your Learning Communities Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.

                                  Session II:  May 20th and 21st

Seminar Faculty
Managing Diversity and Inclusion Kavita Goyal, M.A.
Strategic Thinking Margie DuBrow , Ph.D.
Assessing Opportunities for Organizational Growth Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.

                                 Session III: June 17th and 18th

Seminar Faculty

Financial Planning and Management

Linshuang Lu, M.S., Praxis Consulting

Political Savvy: Leveraging Leadership

Kathleen Morris, M.S.

                                       Session IV:  June 24th

Executive Coaching Executive Coaches

                              Session V: September 16th and 17th                 

Seminar Faculty
Managing Group and Organizational Dynamics

Karen Proudford, Ph.D. and
Nancie Zane, Ph.D.

Board Governance and Development Ann O'Brien, M.S., M.B.A.
Public Speaking

Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.

                              Session VI: October 21st and 22nd

Seminar Faculty
Effective Marketing

Gail Bower, Bower and Company

Legal and Ethical Issues For Leaders


Developing Your Leadership Pipeline Margie DuBrow, Ph.D.


“I knew I was at a point in my career where I wanted and needed to apply a more comprehensive organizational approach to my work.

NELI’s structure gives you the means to process and digest and to apply your learning in real time.

I have developed more of a strategic mind set and really put into practice leading people, not just programs."

Christina Miller Smith
Interim Executive Director
Health Promotion Council