Meet the Noyce Scholars!

Dominique DeLeon


Originally from Philadelphia, I graduated from Haverford in 2012 with a Chemistry major and a minor in Educational Studies. I am currently a NOYCE Scholar and am pursuing a secondary teaching certification in Chemistry at Haverford / Bryn Mawr. I have always wanted to give back to the Philadelphia public school system (because I am a product of that school system and of its struggles), and feel the best way I can do this is to teach and serve in schools with the greatest need. My decision to teach science/chemistry stems not only from my passion for the subject but also from my belief that better science education can be a powerful catalyst for change and empowerment in struggling communities. My other interests include special education, health, fitness, and nutrition, and I hope to become involved in improving the quality of food available to students in public schools. In my spare time, I write short fiction, play bass (badly), and do whatever I can to promote mental health awareness, introvert acceptance, and tattoo / body modification acceptance.  

Dominique has just accepted a long-term substitute position at Meredith School in Philadelphia teaching 8th grade mathematics.  We look forward to hearing Dominique's stories from the field.

Dorothy Shu

Dorothy Shu

Helping others has always been one of my passions.  At first, I wanted to be a pediatrician, but during my senior year in High School, I became interested in and enjoyed mathematics and education.  Upon coming to Bryn Mawr, I knew I wanted to teach so I registered for mathematics and signed up for Critical Issues in Education as my Emily Balch seminar.  I chose to become a Noyce Scholar because of my desire to teach.  Being part of a high needs school district, I feel I will not only encounter challenges as a teacher, but also educate myself in urban education

Dorothy is currently participating in our 5th Year Penn Master's Option at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.  She will complete this program with a master's degree and her teaching certification in Math in May!

Evren Cakir

I'm Evren.  I like jazz and basketball.  When I was a kid, I wanted to be the point guard for the New York Knicks.  Now I want to teach high school math and physics!  I'm passionate about urban education in high need districts because I believe in the right that every child has to a quality education and I hope to provide such an education to those most in need. 

Evren is currently teaching Physics at the Princeton High School.  He is looking forward to learning a lot as a first year teacher there which he can bring to a position in a high needs school in the Philadelphia area soon. 

Hannah Weinstein


Teaching combines my interests in presenting information creatively and understanding the process of problem solving!  I think math can be fun, playful, creative and colorful, and it can also be useful and practical in anyone's life.  I know that I want to stick with teaching and give it my all, and I believe all students deserve a teacher like that.  That's why I want to dedicate myself to teaching in the areas that need dedicated teachers the most.

Hannah is currently participating in our 5th Year Penn Master's Option at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.  She will complete this program with a master's degree and her teaching certification in Math in May!  She will represent the Noyce Scholarship program at the January 2014 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Washington, DC. 

Tasnim Aziz

Tasnim and cow

Hi, I'm Tasnim and I'm a Biology major at Bryn Mawr. I LOVE superheroes, especially Batman. Superheroes helped me believe that I can make a difference in the world and I could voice my opinions against those who try to scare me. In real life, my superheroes have often come in the shape of teachers. In fact, my passion for teaching grew as a result of all the supportive teachers I have had since I was little. Whenever I lacked motivation or felt upset about anything, I could always talk to my teachers. My teachers inspired me to take part in various mentoring programs where I bonded with many talented students from Urban schools. Even though these kids were so smart and capable of doing tremendous work, they would always mention the struggle they faced in their communities and how maybe school wasn't going to be an option for their future. So, I am interested in teaching in an Urban setting because I have had the honor of working with many of the talented students in those schools, and I want them to believe that they too can be great, just as my teachers have made me believe.

Tasnim is currently earning her certification as a participant in the Bryn Mawr College Education Program.  She will complete her program in May and is looking forward to finding a position in a Philadelphia area school. 

Sandra Melo

Sandra Melo

My name is Sandra Melo and I am a senior Math major and Education minor at Bryn Mawr College. I grew up in Boston Massachusetts and attended public school up until high school where I transitioned into a private school. Part of my interest in becoming an educator stems from this transition, as I was able to see education from two different approaches or perspectives. I was mentored extensively throughout this transition through programs like Citybridge and Summer Search. This is part of the reason that I enjoy working as a mentor for youth. I am hoping to become a middle or high school math teacher in an urban school.

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