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No Noyce Internships available for 2014-15

The Noyce Scholarship Program is in its final year of grant awarding.  We will not be offering our Internship again.  Thank you for your interest in teaching STEM.  If you would like to find other ways to participate in STEM education, contact Nell Anderson in the Office of Civic Engagement, LILAC at

Noyce Math and Science Education Internship

Are you a Bryn Mawr or Haverford freshman or sophomore who would like to explore the possibility of becoming a secondary math or science teacher? Are you interested in the connections between teaching and youth development, social justice, or social change? Do you want to experience school again, from a new vantage point as a professional?

If so, apply for the Noyce Math and Science Education Internship Program! Successful applicants will spend the week of spring break learning about math and science education by shadowing a math or science teacher in the Greater Philadelphia region.  In addition, should you desire to further explore teaching or professional development experiences, we will help you identify other opportunities.  If you find this a positive experience, talk with Ann Brown, Program Coordinato and Advisor of the BMC Education Program  about how you can continue to be part of this exciting career path.

The specifics of the student – host teacher match will be worked out based on interests and availability. 

The Noyce Internship is open to all students regardless of nationality, but, due to funding limitations, only one international student will be selected. 

As part of the Internship experience, participants will create a (short) portfolio of reflections on their experience. This portfolio will contribute to an understanding of math/science education, approaches to teaching, and the development of the Noyce Program. The intern’s particular interests will inform the design of the portfolio.  To view examples of two interns reflective journals, please click here.

Noyce Spring Interns will receive a stipend of $400 and the transportation costs will be paid for by the Noyce program. 

As part of the requirements of the Noyce Internship Program, participants must attend a pre-break orientation session and a post-spring break debriefing session. The Reflective Portfolio will be discussed at the orientation.

Questions?  Please contact Bonnie Hallam, Program Coordinator at