Other Math-Science Opportunities

The Noyce program promotes continuation of education through conferences and workshops.   Noyce scholars are allotted $2,500 per year of scholarship toward additional education.  Here is a list of  some ideas for professional development opportunities to improve your experience as an educator:   For a calendar of STEM Educator Events in the Philadelphia area visit our partner website at www.prnp.org

Upcoming Events

SAVE THE DATE!  The PRNP New Teacher Support Program will present a FREE! Spring STEM Extravaganza on JUNE 13, 2014! 

This exciting day long conference will bring great guest speakers, teacher and faculty lead workshops and opportunities for networking with area educators, administrators, business leaders and community members interested in STEM education in the Phila. area.  The theme of the event will be Building Social Capital:  Weaving a Safety Network for Sustaining and Retaining STEM Educators.  Details to follow! 

Coach David Ginsburg Presents!

February 21, 2015 from 9:30 - 12:00.  Third in a series from Coach David Ginsburg on Classroom Management and Student Engagement.  Saint Joseph's University, McShain Hall.  Register with Bonnie Hallam at bhallam@brynmawr.edu

January 23, 2014 - Secrets of a Successful First 3 Years of Teaching:  5:30 - 7:30 pm     St. Joe's University - McShain Hall, 5th floor

The Philadelphia Regional Noyce Partnership is hosting a conversation around what three 3 year Philadelphia STEM teachers found the most helpful in making their first 3 years of teaching a success.  In-service  Noyce scholars from Drexel, Penn and Saint Joe's will share their experiences with pre-service and new in-service teachers and there will opportunities for participant input, questions and networking .   Dinner will be served and Act 48 credit given.  See flyer for registration details.


November 19, 2013 - An Evening with Simon Hauger

Simon is an engineer turned award-winning teacher!   He began the Hybrid X Team at West Philadelphia High School 15 years ago to engage his students in math, science and engineering. The students in this after-school program have won multiple national competitions with the hybrid vehicles they designed and built.  In 2010, the team was honored at the White House.  

The innovative approach to education that powered the Hybrid X Team to victory is the basis for a new school that Simon and his colleagues have begun.  The Workshop School challenges students to solve the world’s most pressing problems, and organizes teaching and learning in service of doing so.

Noyce Scholars are invited to meet Simon for dinner at 5:30 pm and stay to hear and participate in his interactive presentation.  Dinner and Presentation in Dalton, 300.  RSVP to Bonnie at bhallam@brynmawr.edu by November 15, 2014

Other Opportunities:

Philadelphia Education Fund - Math and Science Coalition

Each month, the Coalition hosts a free Teacher Forum exclusively for Philadelphia math and science teachers in grades K-12, which includes:

  • dinner
  • time to network
  • discussion topics of interest to Philly teachers
  • professional development
  • lesson sharing
  • teacher resources
  • door prizes

Note that teachers in self-contained classrooms who are interested in math and science are welcome to attend. Also, because of our regional partnership with PEF, Noyce Scholars can attend these sessions.  For more information and dates for each month go to http://www.philaedfund.org/programs/advancing-education/philadelphia-math-science-coalition/programs-educators/teacher-forum