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Announcing a NEW  

5th Year Option!

 The Penn Master in Education Partnership

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The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is happy to announce that students accepted into the scholarship program now have an option to spend their 5th year at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education obtaining both their teaching certification and their Master’s degree! 

To Apply:

  • Accepted as a Senior or Alum:  Seniors or Alums who are interested in this option should apply for the Noyce Teacher Scholarship and the Penn Graduate School of Education’s Master in Education program concurrently.  For more information about the program you can go to  In order to be accepted into the Penn GSE Master’s program, applicants must take the GREs.   This should be done prior to submitting your application to both the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program and the Penn GSE Master’s program.  In addition, you must submit three (3) letters of recommendation for the Penn Master’s program.  These can be the same letters that you submit for the Noyce Teacher Scholarship program. 

Students applying for this program should contact Maureen Cotterill, Manager, Graduate School of Education Center for Collaborative Research and Practice in Teacher Education, for information pertaining to the application process.  She will also be able to answer questions about coursework and financial aid. or 215-898-7364.   To apply to GSE, please go to .

Note:  Accepting a Noyce Scholarship obligates a student to teach in a high needs school district for two years for every year of scholarship accepted.  Should you accept the scholarship for your 5thth year, you would be obligated to teach in a high needs school district for 2 years.

 Deadline for Master’s Option: 

Seniors and Alums:  Although the deadline for applying to the Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is March 20, 2015, it is highly recommended that you submit your application both to the Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program and Penn GSE as soon as possible to ensure that you are able to begin the Master’s program coursework in July of  2015.


Seniors and Alums:  Seniors and Alums will receive a maximum of $37,044 for the 5th year Master’s Program.    Scholars will have flexibility in how they use this scholarship, allowing them to designate up to $18,000 as a living stipend with the remainder going towards Penn GSE’s tuition.   Penn GSE also offers scholarship and loan opportunities that could supplement the tuition award from the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Noyce Scholarship Program.   For more information go to   Scholars are advised to discuss their options with Maureen Cotterill at .

Support for Scholars:

The Bryn Mawr/Haverford Noyce Scholarship Program supports scholars by providing a Philadelphia Teacher Residency (PTR) mentor for their first two years of teaching.  Noyce Scholars accepted into the Penn Master’s program would apply to the Philadelphia Teacher Residency program, a teacher support program that would span student teaching and the first two years of a Noyce Scholar’s teaching career.   The Bryn Mawr/Haverford Noyce Scholarship Program strongly encourages scholars to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in this excellent program. 

Philadelphia Teacher Residency Program

“Philadelphia Teacher Residency (PTR) is a teacher preparation program for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals and recent graduates who want to teach math and science in Philadelphia area high need schools (grades 7-12). PTR is a partnership between the Philadelphia Education Fund and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (Penn GSE). For a full school year, program participants (Residents) will learn at the elbow of veteran teachers in high school classrooms. At the same time, they will take coursework at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education to earn both a Master's Degree as well as Pennsylvania teacher certification. “


In return, Residents teach in Philadelphia area high need public schools for at least two years after the residency training year, depending on their Noyce obligation.  For the graduated Resident's first two years as a full-time teacher of record, PTR provides ongoing professional development activities.  “ PTR is singularly focused on the thorough preparation of math and science teachers for Philadelphia's high-need public schools. For more information and information on how to apply, see the PTR website: