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Introductory Science Education
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Teaching Matters

Science Teaching in the Tri-College Community

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Bryn Mawr College is committed to the importance of science and mathematics as part of a liberal arts education. We recognize that science and mathematics education does not occur in a vacuum and seek to encourage connections among science, mathematics, humanities and social science disciplines. We seek to encourage diverse groups of women to become succesful students of science and mathematics because those skills are valuable for a variety of goals.

The Building Bridges program provides a variety of resources for science education directed at both students and educators.

For Educators

Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters are a series of informal faculty discussions centering around issues of common pedagogical interest. Topics have included:
  • Encouraging active learning
  • Co-operative learning
  • Teaching technical material
  • Quantitive learning
Teaching Matters discussions are scheduled throughout the academic year. For more information, please visit the Teaching Matters web site.

Science Teaching in the Tri-College Community

The practice of science teaching is important to members of the tri-college community. Visit this site to see synopses of recent meetings, on-going discussions of pedagogy as well as links to sites of interest at other institutions.


For Students

Learning Quantitative Material

Courses in mathematics and science often require a certain comfort with problem solving and other quantitative skills. These skills can be learned; sometimes people just need a little more practice. Everyone's high school preparation is different! Visit the Q-skills site and find helpful hints, tutorials and other material to help you succeed in your math and science classes.



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