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Departmental Purchase Program

General Information

The Departmental OneCard Program introduces a purchasing card issued to departments for use in transacting departmental business on campus.  The program is intended to provide convenience to the cardholding department as well as the departments offering supplies and services on campus.  The program will also centralize and reduce the administrative costs of processing these transactions. 

The monthly transaction limit for a Departmental OneCard is set at $1000 by default.  The Department Head or authorized budget manager may request an increase to the monthly transaction limit. 

Departments are responsible for reporting lost or stolen cards so they can be deactivated. Any charges made on a lost or stolen card will be charged to the Departmental OneCard holder.

Departments will receive a monthly statement of account listing transactions for that period and total amount charged via journal entry.  All departmental OneCard charges are charged to a default account code.  The department can then allocate the total departmental charge to the appropriate accounts by journal entry.

How Do I Get a Departmental OneCard?

Send a completed request form to the OneCard Office, 1st floor Cartref, Bryn Mawr.  Your card(s) should be ready in three to five business days.  It will need to be picked up by the requestor as their signature at the time of pick up is needed.


Where Can I Use the Departmental OneCard?

The OneCard will be accepted as payment for departmental purchases at the Bryn Mawr Bookshop, Haverford Bookstore,  Erdman and Haffner Dining Halls, Haverford Dining Center, Wyndham Alumnae House, The Lusty Cup, Uncommon Grounds, Mail Center (HC), Post Office (BMC), The Coop, and Barista Nook. 

Once the card is issued, the safe keeping and authorized use of the card is the responsibility of the department head or authorized budget manager.  It is not the responsibility of the campus vendor or OneCard Office to ensure the person presenting the card is authorized to use the card.  Departments should develop their own system, policies, and process for who is authorized to use the card, as well as for obtaining and retaining receipts with purchases, so they can reconcile their statements at the end of the month.

Credit Limit Increases

Credit limit increases should be sent to

Please state your name, card number, whether the request is temporary or permanent, and amount of increase.

Questions or Troubleshooting?

For any Departmental One Card related contact the One Card Office or:

Richard Clow
Assistant Director of Dining Services Administration 
610 526 7429
Bernie Chung-Templeton
Executive Director of Dining Services Bryn Mawr/Haverford Colleges
610 526 7410