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Alliance of Multicultural Organizations

The Alliance of Multicultural Organizations (AMO) is an organization that functions out the Pensby Center, whose purpose is to be a resource to the affinity organizations at Bryn Mawr College. It functions as an alliance between these groups, and gives members a forum to offer support to one another in an effort to create a more diverse community. Through workshops, discussions, and working with the Pensby Center staff the goal of the AMO is to help each organization fulfill their mission statement, and create a lasting impact on the Bryn Mawr Community.  Click here for a link to AMO groups.

NAACP chartering ceremony

The Pensby Center offers affinity groups, social justice organizations, and individual students the opportunity to apply for mini-grants to fund their projects. Students may apply for funding anytime during the year by submitting a Funding Request to the Pensby Center.

The funds may be used in a variety of ways, including transportation to an event, to purchase supplies for a special awareness or educational project, or to pay for guest speakers who will address the campus. The Pensby Center has provided many students and organizations mini-grants to start a self-sustaining group or to develop an annual event that becomes a Bryn Mawr tradition.