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Community Diversity Assistants

Community Diversity Assistants (CDAs) help the Bryn Mawr College community understand and celebrate its diversity across a variety of categories, e.g. race, socioeconomic class, gender identity, sexuality, etc. In the dorms, CDAs act as mediators for conflicts and disputes around issues of diversity, and hold office hours (usually by appointment) to answer any questions that residents might have about issues of diversity on campus. CDAs also hold at least four dorm-wide teas per year, which bring the dorm community together to socialize and talk about a particular issue of diversity. In addition, CDAs organize events and discussions for the larger campus community, celebrating campus vibrancy and tackling more complicated issues that may or may not directly touch our campus.

Applications for academic year 2017-18 should be submitted before midnight on Tuesday, February 14.  Apply here.

CDAs 2016-2017

Kristian Sumner         Rhoads South   Co-head

Kamara Simms          Rockefeller      Co-head

Lourdes Alvarez         Rhoads North

Mercedes Aponte       Rockefeller

Namrata  Basu           Merion

Paola Bernal              Pembroke East

Hannah Chinn            Brecon

Miciah Foster             New Dorm

Franny Mestrich         Erdman

Elliot Mutschlecner     Pembroke West

Jwahir Sundai            Enid Cook Center

Anika Varty               Radnor

Koko Zhang              Denbigh