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Thomas Prize in Diversity

Dr. Hayley S. Thomas joined the Bryn Mawr community as an Assistant Dean and later became the Acting Director of the College's Office of Institutional Diversity. During her time here, she became an invaluable resource through her facilitation of mentoring programs, direction of diversity seminars and--most importantly--her tireless dedication to supporting Bryn Mawr students. Sadly, the Bryn Mawr Community lost Dean Thomas to cancer in March of 2004. With this prize, the College community honors those students who personify the characteristics that Dean Thomas exemplified:

  • life-long learning around diversity
  • demonstrated commitment to and advocacy for inclusion, and
  • the ability to inspire others to action.


Past recipients of the Thomas Prize in Diversity


Nicole Barker
Emmett Binkowski
Khadijah Seay


Grace Chung
Alexis De La Rosa
Allegra Massaro

Lauren J. Footman
Ana Gloria Mejía
Jacqueline Hall Handy

Sarah Jenness
Jessica Hyejin Lee
Esteniolla Maitre

Akilah Abdul-Rahman
Mia Chin
Elena Swartz

Charlene Desanges
Katherine Sepulveda
Emily Wiseman

Samar Aryani-Sabet
Lilian Gabrielle Mengesha
Nithya Priya Vasudevan

Lucy Sung
Maggie Larson
Stephanie Kearse-Gaston

Joanna Pinto-Coelho
Adaobi Kanu
Deluwara Ahmed

Kathy Huynh
Jessica Rosenberg
Widade Deguerre

Samantha Martinez
Heather Davis
Alnisa Bell

Nia Turner
Allison Petonic
Maya Costa-Pinto