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Recent Philosophy Lectures


“Philosophy of Computer Science”

William J. Rapaport

SUNY Buffalo

“Ultimacy and Sweet Jane”

Michael McKenna

Florida State University

“Legitimate Political Authority and the Obligation to Obey the Law”

Stephen Perry

University of Pennsylvania Law School

“Biological Development, Epigenesis, and Second Nature”

Richard Burian

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Virginia State University

Bryn Mawr/Haverford Joint Speaker

“SHOULD virtue be taught?”

Gopal Sreenivasan

University of Toronto

“An Eye for Facts and a Sense of Values: Social Work as Moral Philosophy?”

Sarah Banks

Durham University, United Kingdom


“What is Moral Judgment?”

Richard Campbell

Dalhousie University

“Interpretation, Fiction and Reality”

John Gibson

University of Louisville

Bryn Mawr/Haverford Joint Speaker

“Darwin Rocks Hegel: Does Nature have a History?”

David Kolb

Bates College

“Religion Without Religion”

John Caputo

Syracuse University

“From Music to Sound: Being and Time in the Sonic Arts”

Christoph Cox

Hampshire College

“Standpoint Matters: What’s Feminist about Gender Archaeology?”

Alison Wylie

Barnard College


Mary Flexner Lecture Series

“The End of Ethics?”

Anthony Appiah

Princeton University

Bryn Mawr/Haverford Joint Speaker

“Who (and what) am I?”

John Perry

Stanford University

“Speaking Race to Ethics”

Jerry Miller

Haverford College

“Personal Reasons”

Ruth Chang

Rutgers University

“Good Fiction’s Good Lessons”

Marcia Eaton

University of Minnesota


“Perceptual Experience and Bodily Action”

Cheryl Chen

Bryn Mawr College

“Three Approaches to the Study of Confucianism”

Bryan Van Norden

Vassar College

“Mechanism, Final Causes, and the Life Sciences in the Seventeenth Century”

Karen Detlefsen

University of Pennsylvania

“Before You Know It: Is Consciousness Necessary for Free Actions?”

Sean Gallagher

University of Central Florida

“Emotion in Music”

Jenefer Robinson

University of Cincinnati

Bryn Mawr/Haverford Joint Speaker:

“Philosophical Issues in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate”

Cheshire Calhoun

Colby College


“Word and World”

Patricia Hanna

University of Utah

“Models of Mind and Memory Activities”

Susan Campbell

Dalhousie University

“Solidarity and Privilege”

Sally Scholtz

Villanova University

“Cross-Cultural Justice”

Jay Drydyk

Carleton University

“A Plea for ‘Sex’”

Christine Overall

Queen’s University


“The Epistemic Regress Problem”

Peter Klein

Rutgers University

“I Am Not a Racist, But”

Lawrence Blum

University of Massachusetts, Boston

“On the Experience of Time”

Sean Kelly

Princeton University

“Something Else to Do With Our Words: On the Covert Enacting of Permissible Conditions”

Mary Kate McGowen

Wellesley College


Robert Dostal

Bryn Mawr College

“True Enough”

Catherine Elgin

Harvard University

“Transnationalizing the Public Sphere”

Nancy Fraser

The New School

“The Choice Between Popper and Kuhn: Truth, Criticism, and the Legacy of Logical Positivism”

Mark Notturno

Washington, DC


“Globalization and the Politics of Recognition”

Nancy Fraser

The New School

“Wittgenstein on Forms of Life”

Gertrude Conway

Mount St. Mary’s College

“On Pornography”

Susan Dwyer

University of Maryland, Baltimore

“The Concept of Truth”

Anil Gupta

University of Pittsburgh and Indiana University

“Computer Ethics: Acceptable Use Around the World and at Bryn Mawr”

Jacques Catudal

Drexel University

“Nostalgia and the Constitution of Personal Identity”

Andreea Deciu

Carnegie Mellon University

“Plato Versus Armstrong: If you want to be a realist, be a pure realist and be Plato”

Samuel Wheeler

University of Connecticut

“Cognitive Science and Its History”

Andrew Brook

Carleton University


“Development of a Cognitive Agent”

Stuart Shapiro

SUNY Buffalo

“Questions and Answers About Buddhist Philosophy”

Geshe Ngawang Samten

Smith College

Co-Director, Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies

“The Language of Thought: Reflections on Frege”

Danielle Macbeth

Haverford College

“The Impossibility of Motherhood: Feminism, Individualism and the Problem of Mothering”

Patrice DiQuinzio

Muhlenberg College

“What is the State of the Art in Science Studies?”

Richard Burian

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

“Asian Values and the Question of Cultural Relativism”

Xiaorong Li

Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, University of Maryland


“Weakness of Will”

Alfred Mele

Davidson College

“The Concept of Spirituality and the Smorgasbord Syndrome”

Margaret Chatterjee

Wexler Visiting Professor, Bryn Mawr College

“Nagarjuna’s Theory of Causation: Implications Sacred and Profane”

Jay Garfield

Smith College

“Inclusionary and Exclusionary Logical Relations”

John Corcoran

SUNY Buffalo

“The Self, Thinking: Wittgenstein, Augustine, and the Autobiographical Situation”

Gary Hagberg

Bard College

“Beyond Reason: Public Discourse and Emotion Talk”

Susan Bickford

University of North Carolina