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KumarDeepak Kumar

Professor and Coordinator of Computer Science

Ph. D., State University of New York at Buffalo

Office: Park 247
Phone: 610-526-7485

Deepak Kumar is Professor of Computer Science at Bryn Mawr. His research involves an exploration of computational models of rational cognitive agents: agents that are endowed with the attitudes of belief, desire, and intention. The main focus is to study the architecture of artificial intelligence programs capable of modeling such agents. The research is driven by an examination of the relationships between reasoning and acting processes and the representation of these behaviors. These architectures, called BDI models, traditionally use symbolic representations of activities modeled in small physical robots. Alternatively, one can utilize a neural network-based paradigm to model reactive behavior that also exhibits some learning capabilities. One of the goals of Kumar's research is to amalgamate the two traditions into a single computational architecture.

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