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Welcome from Current Chair

August 2013

Robert Dostal, Chair and Majors Advisor

Welcome!  Students, staff, and faculty! 

To the new academic year, 2013-14, and to the Bryn Mawr Philosophy Department!

 Some of us are returning once again to another academic year at Bryn Mawr and some of you are coming for the first time.  There have been some important changes and developments in the philosophy department. 

Philosophy Department Faculty:

Christine Koggel has retired and is now an Emeritus professor.  She has returned to Canada and to Carleton University where she is continuing to teach.  

Jessie Payson (Ph.D. & Class of ’06) is joining us and will be teaching the courses that Professor Koggel had been scheduled to teach including “Ethics”, “Global Ethical Issues”, and “Feminism and Philosophy”  In addition she will be teaching a new course this fall, “Philosophy and Medical Issues” as well as Phil 102, “Science and Morality” in the spring. Ms. Payson recently completed her Ph.D. at SUNY-Binghamton.

Adrienne Prettyman, Ph.D., is another new addition to the department.  In the fall Ms. Prettyman is teaching Phil 102, “Science and Morality in Modernity,” and “Concepts of the Self.”  In the spring she will be teaching “Logic” and  “Philosophy of Mind”.  Ms. Prettyman has just completed her Ph.D. at the University of Toronto.

Kevin Connolly, Ph.D., will be teaching a course for the department in the spring: Phil 101, “Happiness and Reality in Ancient Thought.”

Michael Krausz returns and is teaching this fall.  He will be on sabbatical in the spring semester.

Robert Dostal also returns and will be chairing the department and serving as the major/minor advisor. 

Stephen Salkever (Political Science) retired this past spring but will continue to teach.  This fall he teaches an upper level seminar on Plato, Kant, and Nietzsche.

Jeremy Elkins (Political Science) returns and will be teaching several courses that count for the philosophy major or minor.

Advising and Student Representatives:

Robert Dostal is the major/minor advisor.

My office hours this fall are Mondays 2:00-3:30, Tuesdays 11:00-12:00, and by appointment (Thomas 148).

Students may also wish to consult with the student “major reps” who this year are Eva Collier (’14), Diana Corrado (’15), and Jenn Thoman (’15).

Course Offerings:

For the full list of course offerings please consult the departmental website:

              New courses this fall include Ms. Payson’s “Philosophy and Medical Issues” and Mr. Elkins’ “Topics in Political Philosophy: Politics and Aggression.”

              In the spring semester, Mr. Dostal will be teaching a course that is new to him but not to the department: “Environmental Ethics.”  This course will be part of a 360 “China and the Environment.”  The other two courses of this 360 are Mr. Yonglin Jiang’s “China’s Environment” (East Asian Studies and History) and Mr.  Michael Rock’s “Environmental Economics” (Economics).  This economics course has a pre-requisite of  “Introduction to Economics.”  The 360 group will take a trip to China in the middle of the semester.

Philosophy Lunch Table:

              The department will continue its practice of having lunch together in Haffner Dining Hall weekly.  In the fall the Philosophy Lunch Table is Wednesdays 12:00-1:00 PM.  Please join us.

Departmental Colloquia:

              Philosophy majors and minors are expected to attend departmental colloquia.

 October 24 & 25:     

              The speaker for the annual joint Bi-Co lecture and seminar is Victor Caston (U of Michigan). He will speak at Haverford at 4:30 on October 24 and hold a seminar the next morning, October 25, at Bryn Mawr.  

November 14:  John Gibson (U of Louisville)--“Interpretation, Meaning, and Relativism,” 4:30 PM Thomas 124.

February 26:  Lisa Tessman (SUNY-Binghamton)—“Intuitions and Reflective Equilibrium in Feminist Ethics,” 7:30 PM Thomas 124.

April, 2014:  Speaker and Topic to be announced

In addition to the departmental colloquia, the Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies Department is sponsoring a philosophical conference in October:  “Plato and the Power of Images” (October 11 & 12).  See the following website for more details.