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Conferences and Journals

This listing provides both details about area conferences and events, as well as a list of undergraduate philosophy journals and what it takes to submit a paper to them.



Bryn Mawr, with its accessible location outside Philadelphia, is close to many of the top philosophy departments in the country as well as local philosophy events. Because of this, students can travel to conferences and presentations at nearby colleges and universities.


Local philosophy conferences and GPPC events are posted on the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium's website.

Undergraduate Journals

For students who are interesting in expanding their undergraduate scholarship by submissions to undergraduate publications, here is a list of journals, electronic and paper, that either specialize or consider undergraduate student papers in philosophy. These journals publish undergraduate work exclusively.


  1. Aporia, Brigham Young University
  2. Agnitio, Duke University
  3. The Dialectic, University of New Hampshire
  4. The Dualist, Stanford University
  5. Ephemeris, Union College
  6. Episteme, Denison University
  7. The Interlocutor, Sewanee, the University of the South
  8. Yale Philosophy Review, Yale University