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Theses Library

Recent philosophy theses are archived by the department, and may be used as a resource for philosophy students who wish to see what previous undergraduates have written about in as their theses. This is a listing of the available papers which may be perused in the Philosophy Office. The name of the author is given, as well as the title of the paper.


Carey, Eleanor: “Solidarity and Particularity: Finding Common Ground with Richard Rorty”

Cunningham, Lindsay: “That’s Unreal: McTaggart, Shoemaker, and the Epiphenomenal Nature of Time”

Schmidli, Alexandra Priscille: “(Re)Presenting Photography as Art: A Discussion of Roger Scruton’s Photography and Representation

Stewart, Holly: “Free Will as a Presupposition for Moral Responsibility”


Fazekas, Katherine: “Does Time Really Pass? A Priorian Critique of McTaggart’s Theory of Time”

Mantin, Sara: “Liberty and Congressional Wartime Checks Over The President: An Argument Based on Locke’s and Montesquieu’s Separation of Powers Doctrine”

Myers, Kathleen: “An Exposition and Critique of After Virtue’s Moral Program”

Merritt, Christiane: “Physicalism and the Problem of Intentionality”

Stern, Caitlin: “What is Jewish Identity? The Paradox of Secular Jews”


Berg, Anna Marie MacanSantos: “Multiculturalism: A Way of Being”

Hawkins, J’London: “Creativity in ‘Science’ and ‘Art’: Toward a Neo-Renaissance Humanist Approach to Understanding Knowledge”

Jankowski, Valori A.: “What’s the Difference? Philosophical Perspectives on Disability”

Jost, Alison: “Beyond Liberal Theories: A Feminist Perspective on Health Care Access”

Moore, Courtney K.: “The Medical Basis of Psychiatry”

Palermo, Patricia Grace: “Making Conceptual Schemes A Useful Notion For Those Who Share Culture, Language, And Even the Same Basic Sense of Values”

Patchett, Kate: “A Commonsense Approach to Berkeleyan Idealism: How Esse Est Percepi Can Work for Us (And Not Be Scary)”

Payson, Jessica: “Pleasurable Politics: The Influence of Social Norms on Experiences of Pleasure”

Prioly, Jackney: “En Route to Intersectionality: Creating Contextual Theory, Encompassing Differences, and Moving Toward a Multiple-Axis Analysis”

Rusinek, Michelle: “Vattimo and Rorty on Religious Belief: The Need For Better Ways of Stating What We Believe”

Taylor, Amelia: “Putnam’s ‘Middle Way’: An Examination of Internal Realism”

Walker, Mary Wessel: “What’s a Pacifist to Do? Case Studies in Pacifist Activism”


Adams, Laura: “Art as a Form of Life: The Lesson of Wittgenstein and Kosuth”

Alfonso, Christina: “Saving a Burned Jurisprudence: Letting the Reasonable Person Decide: A Critical Analysis of Virginia v. Black

Georges, Tegan: “The Ontological is the Political: Sex and Gender in Feminist Theory”

Griffin, Georgia: “‘She Blinded Me with Science’: A Critical Analysis of the Scientific Model of Health”

Hwang, Jen-You: “A Discussion of Aristotle’s Book on Rhetoric: Rhetoric’s Relationship to Dialectic in Terms of an Acting Agent’s Responsibility in Public Speech”

Ribble, Molly: “Rerouting the River: Wittgenstein and the Power of Language Use”

Robledo, Phaedra: “‘To Be or Not to Be’: Schopenhauer on Suicide”

Rosenthal, Chelsea: “Limitations on the Entitlement to Sovereignty Afforded by Democratic Processes”

Silvius, Laura: “Women’s Reproductive Rights in a Global Context”


Bastani, Maryam: “Qualia and Subjective Authority”

LaFarge, Erin: “Relational Autonomy: How Friendship Gives New Insight Toward Reconceiving Liberty”

McGrath, Faye L.: “Money and Morality: An Ethical Examination of Insider Trading”

McLachlan, Elizabeth: “The Decision for Prenatal Testing in our Society: Selective Abortion, Disability Rights, and Duty”

Medina, Diana E.: “Richard Rorty: An Anti-Relativist, Ethnocentric Debate on Trans-Cultural Conversation”

Reighard, Carrie: “Austin, Stroud, and the Problem of the External World”

Rogers, Amanda: Simone de Beauvoir: AContemporary Analysis of Oppression in The Second Sex and The Ethics of Ambiguity”

To, Cheng: “By Our Lips We Are Women”


Das, Geeti: “Environmental Considerations in Sen’s Approach to Development”

Ehrhardt, Kari L.: “Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism: Toward a Reconceptualization of National Identity”

Lee, Michelle: “Moral Duty and Philanthropy”

McCartney, Erin M.: “Revising Megan’s Law: Applying a Restorative Justice Approach”

Shelton, Heather A.: “Appropriation in the Visual Arts: An Investigation of the Legal, Ethical, and Aesthetic Aspects of Creation In a Cut and Paste Culture”


Havey, A.B.: “The Ambiguity of Amor Fati: Existential Implications in a Nietzschean Perspectivism”

McGann, Nora: “Animal Rights: Are We Morally Obligated to Be Vegan?”

Minea, Alison Ann: “A Relational Approach to Privacy Rights on the Internet”

Porton, Kira: “Rethinking Self-Determination: A Proposal for Physician-Assisted Suicide and Voluntary Euthanasia”


Figuero, Vivana: “Imagination and the Understanding”


Bonsu, Aja: “The Governing of Iran according to Khomeini: The Birth of vilayet il-Faqih and a Philosopher-King”

Clark, Catherine: “Understanding the Tao of Lao Tzu’s To Tê Ching Through the Commentaries of Wang Pi and Ho-shang-kung”

Cuper, Cary Lynn: “Identity Theory: Interiority, Essentialism, and the Construction of the Invidual”

Fuangfu, Varittha: “The End of Inquiry: Misak on Peirce”

Heidorn, Elsa: “Environmental Ethics: The Intrinsic and the Pragmatic”

Shim, Joon: “Toward an Understanding of Aesthetic Experience: Chang-tzu and Gabriel Marcel”


Bochansky, Rose: “The Context of the Third Critique: Beauty as a Symbol of Morality and the Transgression of the Aesthetic Ideal in Early Nineteenth Century German Romantic Literature”

Evanson, Sarah: “Constructing Vulnerability: Culture, Gender, and Rape”

Hatch, Erica: “Moral Realism: An Examination of the Needs and Capabilities Approach”

Pender, Malindi: “Plato’s Home Pregnancy Test: Socratic Infertility and the Paradox of Eros and Sophrosune

Scutt, Zermatt: “Can we live with Parfit’s view of Personal Identity?”

Saner, Göze: “Theatre as Political Philosophy: An Exploration into Hannah Arendt’s Polis as the Space of Freedom”


Khogali, Muna: “Determinism and Indeterminism: Conceptual Schemes and Scientific Progress”


Bessinger, Piper: “Madness in a World of Morally Based Reason”

Dorismond, Marie Jo: “Love, Relationships, and Neurosis: An Ethical Argument for Healing the Self”

El-Domeiri, Shereen: “Artificial Intelligence: An Introduction to the Field as an Instrument for Understanding”

Goldstein, Julie E.: “Metaphor as a Cultural Site”

Jones, Cara E.: “A Critique of Peirce’s Tychism: Not A Chance”



Al-Saleh, Yasmine: “The Social Construction of Women in Islam: Issues of Sexual Identity”

Gouletas, Victoria: Anselm’s Ontological Argument and its Interpretations”

Gradler, Corinne N.: “Henri Bergson’s Evolutionary Morality”Harper, Jennifer: “The Question of Consciousness as it Relates to the Issue of Artificial Intelligence”

Kelly, Carly Noel: “Impartiality and the American Jury: Interpreting the Sixth Amendment”

Rajapakse, Mimi: “What are the Facts About Moral Fact?: A Discussion of David McNaughton’s Moral Realism”

Sonnenborn, Melanie: “Psychoanalysis, Narrativity, & The Past”

White, Heather May: “The Formation of Gender Identity: An Inquiry Into the Philosophies of Foucault, Butler, Irigaray and Grosz”

Williamson, Rhonda Kay: “Intersexuality and Autonomy”


Karp, Nina: “Utilitarianism with Integrity? a discussion of Bernard Williams’ integrity-centered criticism of utilitarianism”