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Multidisciplinary Programs

Whether a student is interested in philosophy as a primary focus of study, or as a supplement to another area of interest, philosophy is a fantastic field to study in conjunction with other subjects. Bryn Mawr offers a double-major program, allowing a student to select philosophy as one of her majors and any other major as her other major. Many philosophy majors choose this option, for it allows the development of competence and mastery in multiple subjects. A students may also minor in philosophy, by taking six courses of her choosing in philosophy.

Having interests in multiple disciplines is something that has been encouraged since the founding of Bryn Mawr. For many years at the beginning of the college, students were required to double-major. Philosophy itself was a required course until the 1960s, so that every undergraduate student took a one-year course in philosophy. Even though this is now a matter of history, philosophy has long played a part in the Bryn Mawr education.

Beyond the faculty who specialize in various fields of philosophy, the Philosophy Department has a number of affiliated faculty who are professors in other departments, such as computer science or political science, yet teach courses which also fall into the umbrella of philosophy. These courses are cross-registered between the philosophy department and the other department, and may be taken for credit in either field.