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Alfonso Albano

Recent Publications

A. M. Albano, P. D. Brodfuehrer, L. Tapyrik, and S. Sunder, “Linear and nonlinear properties of prestimulus ventral cord signals distinguish swimming response of the leech to intracellular stimulation,”  International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos, 16 (2006), 145-155.

S. M. Hess, A. M. Albano, and J. P. Gaertner, “Analysis and insights from a dynamical model of nuclear plant safety risk ,” Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 92 (2007), 15-29.

P. Getreuer, A. M. Albano and A. Muriel, “Possibility of turbulence from a post-Navier-Stokes equation,” Physics Letters A, 366 (2007) 101–104.

Peter D. Brodfuehrer, Kathryn McCormick, Lauren Tapyrik, Alfonso M. Albano, Carolyn Graybeal, “Activation of two forms of locomotion by a previously identified trigger interneuron for swimming in the medicinal leech,”  Invertebrate Neuroscience, 8 (2008) 31-39.

X. T. Tigno, B. C. Hansen and  A. M. Albano, “Vasomotion spectra and principal components of pooled measures predict diabetes in monkeys,” International Journal of Bifurcations and Chaos, 19 (2009) 2439-2446.

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