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Elizabeth F. McCormack: Student Projects


M.A. Theses

Multiphoton Ionization Detection of the v=1 9s, 9p, and 9f Rydberg States of NO: A Comparative Study of Multiphoton Ionization Spectroscopy and Two-Color Laser-Induced Grating Spectroscopy
Jessica Grochocinski, M.A., May 1997

Design and Development of a Pulsed Slit Free-Jet Expansion Discharge Source:  Observation of Nitrogen Afterglow Spectra
Robert Ekey, M.A., May 2001

Energies and Lifetimes of the Predissociative v=12 and 13 Levels of the D-state in H2

Joseph Croman, M.A., 2008

Ph.D. Theses

Two-Color Resonant Four-wave Mixing Spectroscopy and its Application to Excited-State Dynamics in Small Molecules
Fabio Di Teodoro, Ph.D., May 1999

Structure and Dynamics of Highly Excited Rovibronic States of H2 and N2
Robert Ekey, Jr., Ph.D., May 2006.


Assembly of a Photophysics Laboratory and Preliminary Experiments in Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Nitric Oxide
Eleanor Warfield, B.A. '96, May 1995

Computer Interfacing a SPEX Monochrometer
Lydija Sekaric, B.A. '97, August 1996

The Optogalvanic Effect and its Use for Wavelength Calibration
Melinda Nickelson, B.A. '98, August 1997

Degenerate Four-wave Mixing in Rhodamine-590 at 532 nm
Jessica Grochocinski, B.A. '97, May 1997

Robotics Laboratory Development
Agnes Nikoi, B.A. '00, August 1998
Advised with Deepak Kumar, Computer Science

Rotational Cooling and Cluster Formation in Free Jet Expansions
Labview Workshop and Electronics Laboratory Development
Edina Sarajlic, B.A. '00, August 1998

New Application of the Long-Range Interaction Model to the 8f, v+ =1 Rydberg State Energies of N2
Melinda Nickelson, B.A. '98, May 1997

Rydberg State Structure of the DABCO Molecule
Alice Towey, B.A. '98, May 1998

Molecular Cluster Production with a Cooled Pulsed Nozzle Source
Will Bergerson, B.A. '99, May 1998, Haverford College
Advised with Charles Miller, Haverford College, Department of Chemistry

The Photodissociation Dynamics of Rydberg States of Acetylene
Beth Lindsey, B.A. '00, May 1999

State-Selective Quantum Beat Spectrosopy by Using Time-Resolved, Two-Color, Resonant Four-Wave Mixing
Edina Sarajlic, B.A. '00, May 1999

A New Discharge Source for the Spectroscopy of Hydrogen
April C. Terrell, B.A. '01, May 2000

Numerical Fitting of the Hyperfine Constants for NO
Rebecca C. Thompson, B.A. '01, May 2000

Design and Test of a Novel Molecular Discharge Source
Ekua Anane-Fenin, M.A./B.A '05, May 2002

Resonantly Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization of the B', C and D' States of H2
Laurel Rachmeler, B.A. '04, May 2003

Parallel Data Acquisition for Molecular Spectroscopy using LabView
Sierra Laidman, B.A. '04, May 2003

Double Resonance Spectroscopy of Large-R States in H2
Shirley Chen, B.A. '08, May 2006

Observation and Analysis of the v=63 and 64 levels of the B"B-bar State of H2
Claire Davy, B.A. '07, May 2007

Educating Urban Youth with a Relational Approach to Physics
Ashley Dawkins, B.A. '08, May 2008

Observing H2 Molecules in High Vibrational Levels of the B"B-bar State
Yingzi Wang, B.A. '08, May 2008

Observation of High Vibrational Levels of the B"B-bar State of H2
Laura Gudorf, B.A. '08, May 2008

Observations of the B"B-bar State of  Molecular Hydrogen in the Third Dissociation Threshold Region
Deborah Farrington, B.A. '09, May 2009

Observation of a Heavy Rydberg System in Molecular Hydrogen
Emma Wisniewski-Barker, B.A.' 11, May 2011

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