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Elizabeth F. McCormack: Education Projects

Click here for a talk on web based learning and collaboration with links to an interactive physics exhibit that takes users through Feynman's " Explore all paths" interpretation of quantum mechanics. The exhibit was developed the summer of 2000 together with a high school senior, Sasha Schwartz , and Bryn Mawr faculty member Paul Grobstein.  Also, check out a list of interactive web sites rated by Sasha for their physics content level and degree of interactivity.

Click here for text and pictures describing my participation in the development of an integrated science curriculum for a new science college for women, Effat College, in Saudi Arabia.

Science as Exploration: Developing Inquiry Based Methods—As Director of this Summer Institute, I worked with Bryn Mawr faculty member Paul Grobstein, to bring Bryn Mawr and other regional faculty together with precollege teachers from the Philadelphia School District to share perspectives on how to enhance science and mathematics education throughout the curriculum by using "minds-on", inquiry-based teaching and learning techniques.

The Third Age in Paris—An art exhibit by A. T. McCormack.

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