Ball of Physics (BOP) is a developing Outreach Program from the Physics Department at Bryn Mawr College (BMC) to children in the Philadelphia Area. It will be an organization run by Bryn Mawr students from all academic disciplines. Some of the services Ball of Physics will offer include: large demonstration shows for K-12 students both on the BMC campus and in school auditoriums and gymnasiums, small, hands-on presentations of physics concepts in school classrooms, teacher support via professional development and supplemental material, and possible summer or Saturday programs at BMC for students and teachers.

BOP was founded in June 2003 by BMC Professor Michael Noel and undergraduate Flora Shepherd. It is funded by Dr. Noel's CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation.

Above: Two Bryn Mawr undergraduates perfect a demo for BOP's electricity show. Pedaling a bike can power two car headlights!
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