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Peter A. Beckmann: Recent Publications

*  Bryn Mawr College undergraduate student at time of research
** Bryn Mawr College graduate student at time of research

73.  Solid state 1H spin-lattice relaxation and isolated-molecule and cluster electronic structure calculations in organic molecular solids: The relationship between structure and methyl group and t-butyl group rotation.  X Wang, F B Mallory, C W Mallory, H R Odhner,* and P A Beckmann  2014  J Chem Phys 140 194304 1-15. <>
72.   127I and 207Pb Solid-state NMR spectroscopy and nuclear spin relaxation in PbI2: A preliminary study.  R E Taylor, P A Beckmann, S Bai, and C Dybowski 2014  J Phys Chem C 118 9143-9153.  <>
71.   Distributions of methyl group rotational barriers in polycrystalline organic solids. P A Beckmann, K G Conn,** C W Mallory, F B Mallory, A L Rheingold, L Rotkina, and X Wang.  2013  J Chem Phys 139 204501 1-12. <>
70.   Nonexponential solid state 1H and 19F spin-lattice relaxation, single-crystal X-ray diffraction, and isolated-molecule and cluster electronic structure calculations in an organic solid: coupled methyl group rotation and methoxy group libration in 4,4'-dimethoxyoctafluorobiphenyl. D P Fahey, W G Dougherty Jr., W S Kassel, X Wang, and P A Beckmann  2012  J Chem Phys A 116 11946-11956. <>
69.   Single-crystal X-Ray diffraction, isolated-molecule and cluster electronic structure calculations, and scanning electron microscopy in an organic solid: Models for intramolecular motion in 4,4'-dimethoxybiphenyl. X Wang, L Rotkina, H Su, and P A Beckmann  2012  ChemPhysChem 13 2082-2089. <>
68.  Methyl group rotation, 1H spin-lattice relaxation in an organic solid, and the analysis of nonexponential relaxation. P A Beckmann and E Schneider*  2012  J Chem Phys, 136 054508 1-9.  <>

67.  Intramolecular and intermolecular contributions to the barriers for rotation of methyl groups in crystalline solids: electronic structure calculations and solid state NMR relaxation measurements.  X Wang,** P A Beckmann, C W Mallory, A L Rheingold, A G DiPasquale, P Carroll, and F B Mallory  2011  J Org Chem 76 5170-5176.   <>


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