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Xuemei May Cheng

Recent Publications

X. M. Cheng, K. Buchanan, R. Divan, K. Y. Guslienko, D. J. Keavney, "Non-linear vortex dynamics and transient effects in ferromagnetic disks," arXiv:0901.0864.

D. J. Keavney, X. M. Cheng, K. S. Buchanan, "Polarity reversal of a magnetic vortex core by a unipolar, nonresonant in-plane pulsed magnetic field," Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 172506 (2009).

D. S. Gianola, C. Eberl, X. M. Cheng, K. J. Hemker, "Stress-driven surface topography evolution in nanocrystalline Al thin films," Advanced Materials 20, 303 (2008).

Y. L. Iunin, Y. P. Kabanov, V. I. Nikitenko, X. M. Cheng, C. L. Chien, D. Clarke, A. J. Shapiro, R. D. Shull, "Magnetic field dependence of asymmetry in the magnetization reversal of ultrathin Co films and Co/Pt multilayers with perpedicular anisotropy," Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 320, 2044 (2008).

D. S. Gianola, B. G. Mendis, X. M. Cheng, K. J. Hemker, "Grain-size stabilization by impurities and effect on stress-coupled grain growth in nanocrystaline Al thin films," Mater. Sci. Eng. A 483, 637 (2008).

V. Rose, X. M. Cheng, D. J. Keavney, J. W. Freeland, K. S. Buchanan, B. Ilic, and V. Metlushko, "The breakdown of the fingerprinting of vortices by hysteresis loops in circular multilayer ring arrays," Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 132501 (2007).

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