Bryn Mawr College, Department of Physics
Physics 101-1:  Introductory Physics I, Fall 2017
Instructor:  Michael Noel, Park Science Center - Room 344, Phone:  610-526-5363, e-mail:

Office hours:  Weekly office hours will be posted on the schedule page.  You set the agenda for office hours.  Come with questions about the lecture, reading, homework, exams, grading, or anything else of concern or interest.  Come in groups or as individuals.  If you would like to discuss something in private, you are welcome make a separate appointment with me.

Recitations:  Mondays and most Wednesdays 12:10 PM - 1:00 PM, Park 243
During recitations we will engage in activities that will reinforce what we learned in lecture.  These activities may include working on example problems similar to those assigned for homework, developing a better conceptual understanding of a particular topic, reviewing important mathematics, or developing effective problem solving strategies.  Recitation will not be held every Wednesday.  Please see the schedule page for details.

Textbook:  Knight, Jones, and Field, College Physics, A Strategic Approach, Third edition technology update, Pearson, 2017.

Reserve material:  Physics 101 reserves are located in Collier Library and include several copies of the class text as well as a basic math review text.  I will place additional materials on reserve or on the web as necessary.

Content and goals:  We will study motion, forces, gravitation, energy, momentum, rotational motion, fluids, and oscillations (Chapters 1 - 10, and 13 - 14) following the tentative schedule shown on the schedule page.  The schedule page will be updated regularly, you should check it often for reading assignments and information.  Please read each assigned chapter before coming to lecture.  Each chapter contains a lot of material.  We will not be able to cover all of this material in detail during the lecture, but I would like you to have read each chapter in its entirety.  In the end, you are responsible for what is covered in class or on homework assignments.  Our goal is for you to gain a solid conceptual understanding of the various topics that we cover as well as develop the mathematical framework used to model mechanical systems.

Homework:  Homework will be done using Mastering Physics,  Please see the separate instructions for information on how to set up your account.  Our course id is MPNOELFALL17. You are encouraged to work with your classmates on homework, but your final solutions should be your own.  For additional help with homework you can come to my office hours.

Exams:  There will be three exams during the semester as well as a three-hour final exam.  All exams will be closed book.  

Laboratory:  The laboratory is run independently, but is a required part of this course.  You must satisfactorily perform all scheduled experiments in order to pass this course.  Please contact Mark Matlin,, if you have questions about the laboratory.

        laboratory: 10%
        homework: 30% total
        semester exams: 10%  each
        final exam: 30%

Accommodations:  Bryn Mawr College is committed to providing equal access to students with a documented disability. Students needing academic accommodations for a disability must first register with Access Services. Students can call 610-526-7516 to make an appointment with the Access Services Director, Deb Alder, or email her at to begin this confidential process. Once registered, students should schedule an appointment with the professor as early in the semester as possible to share the verification form and make appropriate arrangements.  Please note that accommodations are not retroactive and require advance notice to implement. More information can be obtained at the Access Services website. (

Any student who has a disability-related need to tape record this class first must speak with the Access Services Director and to me, the instructor. Class members need to be aware that this class may be recorded.