Physics 214 Lab: Modern Physics Laboratory

Instructor:Prof. Xuemei (May) Cheng
Office: Park 343

Course syllabus

Introduction to Error Analysis

Lab schedule

Lab Policies

▪ Labs run 1:10-4:00. If you finish your experiment before 3:45, you may be “checked out” by your instructor if you wish to leave. You will be asked to summarize your findings, and discuss problems and suggest possible improvements to the experiment.

▪ You may not miss your regular lab without an excuse (a written note or an email) from a Dean, a doctor or the Health Center. You must still make up the lab even if you have such an excuse. Please note that if any labs are not completed, you will fail your lecture course, not just the lab. We have asked the Deans to never grant an excuse because you "had too much work to do." It must be a personal or family emergency or a genuine health issue. If you know in advance that you will miss a lab, let me know well ahead of time so we can schedule a make-up. If you miss a lab without forewarning, contact me as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure that all missed labs are made up.  

▪ You may not eat in lab, but you may drink from a sealed beverage container kept on a windowsill. Do not leave a beverage container, even with a cover, on the desk; if spilled, which has happened, it can damage equipment or a computer or short out a power strip. If you do not have time to have your lunch before lab, you may eat in the hallway outside the lab, but you should get to work in the lab as quickly as possible.

▪ NO CELL PHONES are to be used, or even on your desk, during lab.  Also, NO iPods or other music players are to be used, and you may NOT play music on your desktop computer. You also are NOT permitted to check your email on your desktop computer. This lab is a collective experience and those activities can disturb others, disconnect you from the group and diffuse your attention. You are in lab to explore, experiment and learn physics!