Bryn Mawr College, Department of Physics
Physics 305:  Advanced Electrinics lab, Spring 2016
Instructor:  Michael Noel, Park Science Center - Room 347, Phone:  5363, e-mail:


    TeXShop (for mac)
    MikTeX (for windows)
    RevTeX4-1 RevTeX sample files
    inkscape a drawing program sort of like Adobe Illustrator

Temperature Controller
    Thorlabs PID tutorial:
    Wikipedia entry on PID controller:
    UMich PID tutorial:
    Application note on Bridge circuits:  an43f.pdf
    RSI Bradley et. al., "Instrumentation for the stable operation of laser diodes" RSI_Bradley.pdf
    AJP MacAdam et. al., "A narrow-band tunable diode laser ..." AJPMacAdam1992.pdf
    University of Melbourne, Diode laser electronics:

    Sparkfun installation tutorial:
    Sparkfun schematic tutorial:
    Sparkfun layout tutorial:

Barcode scanner
    SRS application note #3, About Lock-In Amplifiers:  AboutLIAs.pdf
    barcode generator:
    reading barcodes:
    more on reading barcodes:

Raspberry Pi
    Examples of using the GPIO:
    Assembly instructions for Adafruit Pi Cobbler Kit:
    Projects with the Pi on Adafruit learning system:
    Tutorials on setting up and using the Pi from Adafruit:
    Introduction to Linux, A hands on Guide:
    The debian linux wiki page:
    The New Hacker's Dictionary, a guide to hacker slang:

Class activity
W 1/20
Welcome, equipment check, op amp review, overview of projest 1, the Temperature Controller
Read Chapter 8
M 1/25
Build  proportional, integral, and derivative amplifiers (PID)
Read the application note on bridge circuits
W 1/27
Build a bridge amplifier for comparint the thermistor resistance to the set point resistance
Read RSI by Bradley et. al.
M 2/1
Build the summing amp and set point monitor, begin construction of the power amplifier
start reading the contributor resources pages for AJP
W 2/3
Continue with the poweramplifier
Write a summary of one article related to our first project
M 2/8
Put it all together and begin testing and tuning your PID circuit
Read the "sample manuscript" on AJP contributor resources page
W 2/10
Continue testing your temperature controller.  Collect necessary data for your paper.
Introduction to Latex
M 2/15
Continue testing your temperature controller.  Collect necessary data for your paper.
Introduction to Eagle

W 2/17
Introduction to Eagle
Draw your schematic with Eagle
Download and install Eagle (see tutorial above)
M 2/22

W 2/24

M 2/29
Barcode scanner - group 1 shop - others build oscillator, laser, photodiode amplifier

W 3/2
Barcode scanner - group 2 shop - others build multiplier Read Chapter 9

Draft 1 of paper due Wednesday, March 9
M 3/14
Barcode scanner - group 3 shop - others build low pass filter, comparator
W 3/16
Barcode scanner
Arduino summary due
M 3/21
Barcode scanner / Raspberry Pi

W 3/23
Raspberry Pi

M 3/28
Raspberry Pi
Draft 2 due
W 3/30
Raspberry Pi Project porposal due
M 4/4
Paper peer review Draft 3 due - peer review
W 4/6
Projects Barcode summary due
M 4/11

W 4/13
Projects Raspberry Pi summary due
M 4/18
Projects Final draft of paper due
W 4/20
M 4/25
W 4/27


Independent project paper due at the end of finals