Bryn Mawr College, Department of Physics
Physics 504:  Electromagnetic Theory II, Spring 2013
Michael Schulz
Office:  340 Park Science Center
E-mail:  mbschulz at brynmawr dot edu
Office phone:  (610) 526 - 5367

Course calendar:

Sections listed are in J. D. Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics, 3rd Ed.

Topic(s) Secs. (presenter) Problem Sets
Wed 23 Jan Harmonic sources and their fields 9.1 (Michael) PS 1Solns
Fri 25 Jan Electric dipole radiation
Magnetic dipole radiation
9.2 (Michael)
9.3 (Shirley)
Mon 28 Jan Electric quadrupole radiation
Linear center-fed antenna
9.3 (Shirley)
9.4 (Alex)
PS 2Solns
Wed 30 Jan Scalar wave equation
Multipole expansion of E, H
9.6 (Vince)
9.7 (Michael)
Mon 4 Feb Multipole expansion (continued)
Energy and angular momentum
9.7 (Michael)
9.8 (Kristen)
PS 3Solns
Wed 6 Feb Energy and angular momentum (continued)
Angular distribution of radiation
9.8 (Kristen)
9.9 (Shirley)
Mon 11 Feb Sources of multipole radiation
Scattering at long wavelength
9.10 (Alex)
10.1 (Michael)
PS 4Solns
Wed 13 Feb Pert theory, reason for blue sky
Scattering of EM waves from a sphere
10.2 (Vince)
10.4 (Kristen)
Mon 18 Feb Scattering from a sphere (continued)
Scalar diffraction theory
10.4 (Kristen)
10.5 (Shirley)
PS 5Solns
Wed 20 Feb Vector diffraction theory
Diffraction by circular aperture
10.7 (Michael)
10.8 (Alex)
Mon 25 Feb Circular aperture (continued)
Relativistic kinematics
10.8 (Alex)
11.1 (Michael)
PS 6Solns
Wed 27 Feb Minkowski spacetime 11.2–3 (Michael)  
Mon 4 Mar Lorentz and Poincaré groups 11.4–7 (Michael)  
Wed 6 Mar Thomas precession 11.8 (Vince)  
Mon 18 Mar Covariance of electrodynamics 11.9 (Kristen) MidtermSolns
Wed 20 Mar Relativistic EOM for spin
Particle Lagrangian, Hamiltonian (dt)
11.11 (Alex)
12.1 (Michael)
Mon 25 Mar Particle Lagrangian, Hamiltonian (dσ)
Largrangian for the EM field
12.1, 12.7 (Michael)  
Wed 27 Mar Noether's theorem for fields
Canonical Stress tensor
12.10, P&S 2.2 (Michael)  
Mon 1 Apr Symmetric stress tensor; conservation laws
Motion in a uniform, static B
12.10 (Michael)
12.2 (Michael)
PS 7Solns
Wed 3 Apr Motion in crossed E, B fields
Adiabatic inv of flux in orbit
12.3 (Shirley)
12.5 (Vince)
Mon 8 Apr Adiabatic inv of flux in orbit
Darwin Lagrangian
Invariant Green functions
12.5 (Vince)
12.6 (Kristen)
12.11 (Michael)
PS 8Solns
Wed 10 Apr In, out, and radiation fields
Liénard-Wiechert potentials, fields
14.1 (Shirley)  
Mon 15 Apr Larmor's formula, rel generalization
Angular distribution of radiation
14.2 (Alex)
14.3 (Vince)
PS 9Solns
Wed 17 Apr Radiation for ultrarelativistic motion
Distribution in frequency and angle
14.4 (Michael)
14.5 (Kristen)
Mon 22 Apr Instantaneously circular motion
14.6 (Shirley)  
Wed 24 Apr Classical electron theory, overview 16.1 (Alex)  
Mon 29 Apr Radiation reaction from energy cons
Runaways, preacceleration
16.2 (Michael)  
Wed 1 May Regularization, complete EOM,
Larmor and Schott terms
Abraham-Lorentz evaluation of Frad
Thomson scattering of radiation
Coleman Secs. IV–V (Michael)
16.3 (Vince)
14.8 (Kristen)
Final ExamSolns