Bryn Mawr College, Department of Physics
Physics 214:  Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Spring 2013
Michael Schulz
Office:  340 Park Science Center
E-mail:  mbschulz at brynmawr dot edu
Office phone:  (610) 526 - 5367

Calendar and Assigments*

* This is what we will aim for.  I've changed the amount of time spent on some topics by up to a week compared to previous semesters, based on student feedback.  In the end, we might follow this schedule only loosely.

Topic Reading in Townsend Problem sets & handouts
Wed 23 Jan
Waves, photoelectric effect Secs. 1.1,  1.3 PS 1Questionnaire
Fri 25 Jan
Compton scattering Sec. 1.3,  App. A  
Mon 28 Jan
Double slit diffraction, qualitative single slit diffraction Sec. 1.2  
Wed 30 Jan
Aspect et al. single photon experiments Secs. 1.4,  1.5 Rec 1PS 2
Fri 1 Feb
Double slit and N-slit diffraction of single photons Secs. 1.6,  1.7 Rec 2
Mon 4 Feb
Two slits of finite width Class notes  
Wed 6 Feb
Fermat's principle: geometric optics from sum over paths Sec. 1.8 PS 3
Fri 8 Feb
Matter waves, the wavefunction Ψ(x,t) Secs. 2.1,  2.2 Rec 3
Mon 11 Feb
The 1D Schrödinger equation, normalization, expectation Sec. 2.3  
Wed 13 Feb
Phase velocity and group velocity (two component superposition) Sec. 2.7 PS 4
Fri 15 Feb
Phase velocity and group velocity (wavepacket) Sec. 2.6 Rec 4
Mon 18 Feb
Fourier transform, position and momentum space wavefunctions, variance of a probability distribution Sec. 2.8,  Class notes  
Wed 20 Feb
Conservation of probability in 1D, probability current Sec. 2.5 Rec 5
Fri 22 Feb
Ehrenfest's theorem Sec. 2.9 Exam 1 distributed
Cover page
Mon 25 Feb
Stationary states of the time-independent Schrödinger Eq. Sec. 3.1  
Wed 27 Feb
Stationary states for a particle in a box Sec. 3.2 PS 5hints
Fri 1 Mar
Superposition of two energy eigenstates: sloshing in a 1D box Sec. 3.2 Rec 6,   Exam 1 due
Mon 4 Mar
Energy eigenfunctions as an orthonormal basis,
vector space analogy
Sec. 3.3  
Wed 6 Mar
The Hamiltonian operator, eigenfunctions and eigenvalues Sec. 3.4 PS 6Rec 7
Fri 8 Mar
Catch up Class notes Midsemester
Mon 18 Mar
Finite square well (Part I) Sec. 4.1  
Wed 20 Mar
Finite square well (Part II) Sec. 4.1 PS 7Rec 8
Thu 21 Mar
Finite square well (Part III); rules for qualitative plots Sec. 4.2, F&T handout  
Fri 22 Mar
Art class — a day qualitative wavefunction sketches Sec. 4.2, F&T handout Wavefunction sketches:
2013,  2010
Thu 28 Mar
The harmonic oscillator Sec. 4.3, F&T handout Rec 9
Fri 29 Mar
Dirac delta function potential Sec. 4.4,  Handout Exam 2 distributed
Wed 3 April
Bound versus continuum states,
scattering from a step potential for E > V0
Sec. 4.6  
Thu 4 Apr
Transmission and reflection amplitudes and coefficients Secs. 4.6,  4.7,  Notes PS 8,hints,  Rec 10
Fri 5 Apr
Scattering from a step potential for E < V0,
scattering from a potential barrier, tunnelling
Sec. 4.7 Exam 2 due
Mon 8 Apr
Energy estimation using the uncertainty principle Sec. 4.3,  Notes  
Wed 10 Apr
Observables and Hermitian operators Sec. 5.2 PS 9hints
Fri 12 Apr
Commuting and noncommuting operators,
the uncertainty principle
Secs. 5.3,  5.4 Rec 11
Mon 15 Apr
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) paradox Sec. 5.6  
Wed 17 Apr
Schrödinger's cat Sec. 5.6 PS 10Mathematica file
Fri 19 Apr
The Bohr model of the single electron atom or ion Class notes Rec 12
Mon 22 Apr
Quantum mechanics in 3D;
the angular equation and spherical harmonics
Sec. 6.2  Notes  
Wed 24 Apr
Properties of spherical harmonics (counting of angular nodes),
complex basis versus real basis (px, py, pz orbitals)
Class notes,  handout Exam 3 Study Guide
Fri 26 Apr
The hydrogen atom Sec. 6.3 Exam 3 distributed
Mon 29 Apr
The Zeeman effect; spin Secs. 6.4,  6.5  
Wed 1 May
The Stern Gerlach experiment Sec. 6.5  
Fri 3 May
Wrap up, something fun   Exam 3 due