Bryn Mawr College, Department of Physics
Physics 325:  General Relativity, Spring 2012
Michael Schulz
Office:  340 Park Science Center
E-mail:  mbschulz at brynmawr dot edu
Office phone:  (610) 526 - 5367

Calendar and Assigments:

Week of
Topic Chapter in Hartle Problem sets & handouts
Tuesday, Jan 17
Applications of general relativity
Special relativity: gedankenexperiments & paradoxes, spacetime diagrams
Chapter 1
Chapter 4
PS 1
Jan 24
Relativistic mechanics, 4-vectors, hyperbolic geometry Chapter 5 PS 2, Article
Rec 1,
Calc of Variations
Jan 31
Calculus of variations, review of analytical mechanics
Visual appearance of rapidly moving objects
Chapter 3
Chapter 6
PS 3
Feb 7
Newtonian gravity, action principle
General relativity: equivalence principle, clocks
Chapter 2
Chapter 6
PS 4
Feb 14
Rindler space, static weak field metric, Penrose diagrams, gravitational redshift, Hafele and Keating experiment
Review PS 1
Feb 21
Euclidean and Lorentzian metrics, lightcones, embeddings, Penrose diagrams; applications to 3-sphere, flat space, hyperbolic space (Euclidean), Minkowski space, FRW universe
PS 5
Feb 28
De Sitter space; horizons, Schwarzschild metric (Lorentzian) Chapter 7 PS 6
Mar 6

Mar 13
de Sitter space (uniformly accelerated universe), more calculus of variations, the geodesic equation, Christoffel symbols, orbit equations, applications to motion in various spaces and spacetimes Chapter 8 PS 7
Mar 20
Geodesics in Schwarzschild spacetime of a black hole, the effective radial problem for massive particles, precession of planetary orbits Chapter 9 PS 8
Mar 27
The effective radial problem for massless particles, bending of light, the postnewtonian approximation
Review PS 2
Apr 3
Causal structure of black holes, Eddington-Finkelstein and Kruskal-Szekeres coordinates, gravitational collapse, Reisner-Nordstrom blackholes Chapter 12 PS 9
Apr 10
Tensors, covariant derivatives, parallel transport Chapter 20 PS 10
Apr 17
Geodesic deviation Chapter 21 Final Review PS
Apr 24
Einstein Equations, black hole thermodynamics, Hawking radiation Chapter 22 &