Current Ph.D. Students

Alex Chartrand

Alex hails from the snowy land of Chardon, Ohio. As a young lad he was always fascinated by science and math and was a very enthusiastic member of his local Science Olympiad teams. When he attended the slightly less snowy University of Mount Union for undergrad he decided to major in physics because he loved how the math and the science came together in (sometimes not so) beautiful equations. After four short years containing marching band, choir, and lots of time locked away in the basement of Mount Union's science building, Alex received his B.S. in Physics with a minor in Mathematics.

In the Fall of 2011 Alex set foot on Bryn Mawr's campus for the first time as a graduate student. He chose Bryn Mawr because he enjoys the feel of a small liberal arts college while also having the research and teaching opportunities that Bryn Mawr has to offer.

Alex is currently studying vibrational spectra of molecular hydrogen with Liz McCormack and hopes to teach at the college/university level after graduate school. In his free time he enjoys his vast collection of LEGO sets (which just seems to keep growing for some reason), playing video games, and practicing his trumpet.

Vincent Gregoric

I am a fourth year grad student at Bryn Mawr College. For my undergraduate degree, I attended the University of Mount Union, a small liberal arts college in Alliance, OH. I choose to attend Bryn Mawr for graduate school because it has the benefits of a small school (a close-knit department, personal attention, etc.) while still offering rigorous research opportunities.

My interest is physics stems from my love of learning how the universe works. I find great beauty in mathematical models of the physical world, and am passionate about sharing my love of the subject with others. After completing my degree, I hope to teach physics in an environment similar to Mount Union/Bryn Mawr.

Kristen Recine

Hi! I came to Bryn Mawr from Dickinson College with a B.S. in physics and a minor in astronomy. I decided to go to graduate school because afterwards I would like to either teach at an institution like Bryn Mawr or to do research in astrophysics. I like the small and active department at Bryn Mawr, and especially value the extensive opportunities to gain teaching experience.

Xiao Wang

I am now a third year graduate student doing research with Professor Xuemei Cheng as a member of the Nanomaterials and Spintronics Lab. We graduate students have personalized PhD programs and opportunities to work closely with the professors here at Bryn Mawr. Come join us! ^_^


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